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Google Home Mini and Google Home Max announced with Pixel 2 smartphones

Google Home Mini and Google Home Max announced with Pixel 2 smartphones

Google will release a smaller version of its Home smart speaker, the company revealed during an event on Wednesday. It can't give you music-grade speakers, rather it is convenient for news updates, weather, podcasts, and stuff like that. The Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max are fun-size and king-size takes on last year's $129 Google Home speaker, respectively. The device features 4 LEDs for visual feedback, and users can tap the fabric top to pause their music, similar to the way you interact with the original Google Home.

Google "obsessed over the bass", and is supposedly 20 times more powerful than the standard Google Home.

Rishi Chandra, head of the Google Home hardware team, said the the new Home Max speaker was created to play bass-heavy tunes that "move a lot of air". It will retail for $49 with online pre-orders starting today and United States in-store availability on October 19. Max also works with a multi-room set-up via Chromecast Audio.

Smart Sound allows the Google Home Max to identify the acoustic conditions of where the speaker is located. It can set reminders, control other smart devices, etc.

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On the performance front, the phones pack in the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which is now the best-in-class. At the top users get "At a glance" feature , which lets them know about their upcoming meetings and other engagements.

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Zuerlein scored 23 points (seven field goals and two extra points), which is the second-highest total for a Ram in a single game. The score came when Prescott found a wide-open James Hanna , who rumbled in for the 28-yard touchdown, his first career score.

In addition to 4.5-inch woofers created to crank up the base and minimize distortion when the volume is turned up high, the Max employs artificial intelligence to automatically tune itself. With that promo code, you'll be able to order a Home Mini for $0 (zero buck) from Google Store. "Smart Sound", which is powered by Google's AI, tunes the speaker to optimize its sound balance for your particular room configuration. However, Home Mini has a distinct advantage over Amazon's device: voice control. The Google Home Mini looks like a small hockey puck and will retail for $50.

This adorable gadget will be available for pre-order from today. The speaker will be available by December and will be coming with free 12 month subscription to YouTube RED.

Google also unveiled its Google Home Max, the larger version of the Home.

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