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Children's health care funding secure until spring

Children's health care funding secure until spring

Yet Republicans in Congress just missed a deadline to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program, which helped states provide insurance coverage to 9 million children in low-income families.

The Children's Health Insurance Program, which was created in 1997 and passed with bipartisan support, provides cheap health insurance to low income children whose income levels make them ineligible for Medicaid. "Colorado CHP+ members need to know they still have coverage until the federal funds run out at the end of January", said Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Executive Director Susan E. Birch. And then there's the overall issue of where the money would come from; CHIP costs the federal government about $17 billion a year, and the legislation includes no details about how that would be offset.

In the House, some Democrats have expressed concerns about the bill drafted by House Republicans because, they say, it would pay for continuation of the CHIP program by cutting other health spending.

Utah, meanwhile, is mulling moving CHIP-eligible children to Medicaid or the ACA exchanges if CHIP funding runs out, according to Politico. As of 2015, that percentage had dropped to 4.5 percent.

"We would certainly hope and expect Congress to continue funding for this program", said Erin Barham, a spokesperson for Mississippi's Division of Medicaid.

By March 2018, it said, CHIP funds will be exhausted in 27 additional states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

"[Not reauthorizing CHIP] can set us back in the state not only in healthcare, but in many other areas", Wahi says.

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In Washington, Congress is moving forward on this with committees in both the House and Senate expected to vote Wednesday on similar bills to extend the funding. But three states and the District of Columbia will run out of funds and have to shut down their programs by December 2017. Around 125,000 Oklahoma kids get everything from immunizations to inpatient care through CHIP.

Some states have now stopped accepting applications for the program. Last week, she learned that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) could offer Minnesota some stop-over funding from its pool of unspent CHIP funding nationwide, but it wasn't until late Monday evening that Minnesota was cleared to receive $3.6 million in one-time funding for October.

But congressional failure to extend the funding would do more than halt Florida's momentum toward expanding coverage; it would knock hundreds of thousands of children backward, leaving them without public- or private-sector insurance. Parents often had to delay care while their children were uninsured and reported difficulties obtaining prescription medications for their children.

By this point you've certainly heard about the debates in Congress over letting the federal budget expire and the chaos a shutdown would cause the American economy.

The Children's Health Insurance Program ensures that 800,000 kids in California get quality care.

Congress is working to propose new legislation to renew the program. "Good health is key to young kids becoming thriving, successful adults", he adds.

"We are encouraged by reports that Congress will take up the reauthorization in the next few days", Fields said. I think there have been some who've been anxious about whether or not Congress was going to move before the end of the federal fiscal year.

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