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Catalonia Government Announces Final Independence Referendum Results

Catalonia Government Announces Final Independence Referendum Results

Opponents of secession called for demonstrations around Spain on Saturday and in Barcelona on Sunday.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said that he will not rule out using the constitutional powers to remove Catalonia's autonomous status if it claimed independence.

"Everyone has the right to say their opinion". "If I had seen just one flag, no matter if Spanish or Catalonian, I would have left immediately", he said.

Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital, is Spain's wealthiest region and has its own language and distinct culture.

In a fluttering sea of flags, tens of thousands of protesters in central Madrid banged drums and yelled "Viva Espana!" and "National unity!"

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Catalonia's separatist leaders have threatened to declare independence after pressing ahead with a banned referendum on secession which they say they won. How will his supporters react?

"The tension and violence have risen a lot".

Andrés, whose family-run graphic-design business closed as a result of Spain's recent economic crisis, said she believes talking is the solution to the crisis.

"The consequences of Catalonia detaching from Spain are, first of all, we would find ourselves out of the EU".

"This is what we wanted with the referendum, to know if we were the majority or not".

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Spain has defended police actions, saying there were firm and proportionate, but videos on Sunday saw police yanking people by their hair and kicking and hitting them.

According to the officials in charge of the independence vote for the region, which had been declared illegal by Madrid's constitutional court, over 90% of those who voted opted to separate from Spain. They represent some 43 percent of all eligible Catalonian voters. The government refuses dialogue or mediation until they drop their secession bid.

The "sedition" hearing took place in Madrid. "We need to win the battle", he added.

"The only way to solve this, in my view, is to come together and negotiate a deal (maybe a kind of "Swiss model of confederation and subsidiarity") in which Madrid assigns Catalonia widespread freedoms and rights whereas Catalonia ends its attempts to secede from the Spanish State", Hoegger concluded. And then? "That's the unknown disaster". It doesn't, however, send a message of confidence in the government of Catalan regional President Carles Puigdemont.

After days of ill-tempered rhetoric, Madrid said it regretted the injuries caused in the October 1 crackdown and suggested Catalonia should hold a regional election to settle the crisis.

"At the moment he [Puigdemont] is providing no clear timeline for a unilateral independence declaration".

Puigdemont is now set to address the regional parliament on Tuesday "to report on the current political situation" in Catalonia. Will Puigdemont back down?

In the El Pais interview, Mr Rajoy said: "The government will ensure that any declaration of independence will lead to nothing".

Rajoy says that he will consider employing any measure "allowed by the law" to stop the region's separatists.

European leaders are panicking as so many countries now have growing separatist movements.

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