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Putin says sanctions alone will not resolve Korean crisis

Putin says sanctions alone will not resolve Korean crisis

Nor do the South Koreans, for that matter.

None of US options for responding to North Korea's nuclear armament are good.

That's what President Donald Trump is doing by linking the security threat posed by North Korea with his trade agenda.

"Certainly that's not our first choice, but we will see what happens", Trump said as he boarded Marine One at the White House.

The White House Wednesday released details of calls Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

At the same time, and despite China and Russian Federation balking at stronger United Nations sanctions, the U.S. should be quietly discussing a coordinated diplomatic approach with China, rather than issuing threats and accusations on social media.

Han said military measures being taken by North Korea were "an exercise of restraint and justified self-defence right" to counter "the ever-growing and decade-long U.S. nuclear threat and hostile policy aimed at isolating my country". The most important thing, China insists, is that the United States and North Korea sit down to talk - whether in a multilateral, trilateral, bilateral or whatever possible format. Mongolia has diplomatic ties with North Korea, while Japan does not. Any threat to the United States and its territories including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response - a response both effective an overwhelming. The Trump administration can tell China that either it does more to stop Kim or America continues to expand missile defense and conventional forces in South Korea.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Wednesday that China remains strongly opposed to it.

But Pyongyang, which embraces a "Songun" or "military-first" would immediately restrict supplies to private citizens, they said, and a ban would have "little or no immediate impact" on the North's army or its missile and nuclear programmes.

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But Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has urged the U.S. to use diplomacy to settle the standoff, said giving up weapons of mass destruction doesn't guarantee survival for a country's leaders.

A THAAD battery normally consists of six launchers, but only two have been operational so far at the site in rural Seongju.

North Korea is pressing ahead with missile tests despite condemnation from around the world, and over the weekend the regime successfully tested a hydrogen bomb so powerful that it set off a Richter scale reading of 6.3 magnitude.

A 2012 deal between the two countries had limited South Korea's missiles to 800 kilometers and warheads to warheads of 500 kilograms.

The event was called off because of the burden it would put on military forces during the current tensions, officials said.

The deployment of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence system (THAAD) has angered not only North Korea, but also China and Russian Federation, which see the system's powerful radars as a security threat.

China has put forth a "freeze-for-freeze" proposal that would suspend large-scale USA military exercises with South Korea in return for a suspension of North Korean nuclear and missile tests.

However, it is unlikely that the U.S will be able to transfer stronger bombs and missiles to South Korea given it has already been raiding its global missile stockpiles for the three-year-old airstrike campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The idea of dual approach involves parallel efforts to move forward both denuclearization and the establishment of a peaceful mechanism; the initiative of suspension-for-suspension calls for the DPRK to suspend its nuclear and missile activities and for the United States and the ROK to suspend their large-scale war games.

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