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Officials Raise Mexico Quake Death Toll To 286 As Rescue Efforts Continue

Officials Raise Mexico Quake Death Toll To 286 As Rescue Efforts Continue

Many sites had already been cleared of rubble by Friday afternoon and chances were dimming of finding anyone else alive. Thermal imaging also indicated that four more people might still be inside the school, a volunteer worker told the Associated Press. But she hasn't found anyone yet in the rubble of this most recent quake.

Her naming likely derives from a misunderstanding between the rescuers and the girl, but regardless of her identity, fellow Mexicans sent thoughts and prayers to her.

Rescuers continue to make their way through debris in the aftermath of Tuesday's deadly quake, including at a collapsed school, according to ABC News.

Sarmiento said a camera lowered into the rubble of the Enrique Rebsamen school showed blood tracks where an injured person apparently dragged himself or herself, and the only person still listed as missing was a school employee.

As the LA Times points out, fifteen dogs in total have been deployed to Mexico City in an effort to both rescue survivors and find the bodies of those who have died. The event collapsed multiple buildings and spread chaos through the metropolitan areas, Breitbart Texas reported.

The building was one of dozens that collapsed across the city and surrounding areas after Tuesday's 7.1-magnitude natural disaster.

Frida, a rescue dog, has assisted in several rescue operations across Mexico and the US.

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Around 40 buildings collapsed in Mexico City alone during the deadly September 20 shake.

Frida Sofia (full name not disclosed) was believed to have been one of the deceased until heat sensors used by emergency crews picked up activity from under the ruins of the building Wednesday.

Authorities say they are being deliberately careful in their movement for fear of upsetting the balance and causing the rubble to move, and possibly crush the kids.

"We are extremely thankful to Russian Federation, to President [Vladimir] Putin, for the offer of help that Russian Federation is about to send to Mexico", Caso said. "Her valuable help and love for humans push her to give the most of herself to save lives", reads a tweet from Mexico's navy.

Eleven children have been rescued so far from the debris of the building and rescuers continue their efforts to try and rescue more trapped people.

"In this moment of suffering", he said, "I want to express my closeness and prayers to the entire Mexican population".

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