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Take precautions watching solar eclipse

Take precautions watching solar eclipse

This is a change viewers will likely be able to feel but an low-priced outdoor thermometer would also be able to record hard data on the change.

"Many partial eclipses take place that are not very deep and this one is going to be, for us, marginally deep", said Dr. Justin Sanders, associate professor and department chair of the physics department at the University of South Alabama.

Even in the path of totality, the moon will only block the sun for a couple of minutes in each location.

Everyone in the Lower 48 states, weather permitting, will be able to see a partial eclipse, in which the moon will partially obscure the face of the sun.

Kinnas suggests using pinhole box method over the eclipse glasses, because he thinks the latter may not be safe. The maximum eclipse will be visible for two minutes at 2:42 p.m.

Viewers in New Orleans will be able to see the moon cover between 70 percent and 80 percent of the sun's surface during the eclipse.

During a total solar eclipse, the moon and the sun both appear to be about the same size from the ground.

An event of this scale won't happen again until 2316 so it's understandable to want to whip out your iPhone and start shooting. Above are fun complementary events, but don't forget the main show is the solar eclipse.

John Bosetti, M.D., of the Eye Specialists of Napa Valley, offered tips on how to safely view the eclipse.

If you do want to look directly at the eclipse, you will need special filtered spectacles meeting the ISO 12312-2 worldwide safety standard.

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Some small telescopes come with a small glass disk marked "sun" which is created to screw on the eyepiece of the telescope, explained the professor.

The sun will disappear - for a short time - across America on August 21, 2017.

GFC-MSU will have approximately 500 eclipse-safe viewing glasses available to students, faculty, staff and the community on a first-come, first-served basis during the viewing.

After you're finished with your master piece, you can use it immediately. Take breaks and give your eyes a rest! Also know that looking at the eclipse through cameras, telescopes, and binoculars will fuck your eyes up if they don't have the proper filters on them.

The two most important things to keep in mind are that it is only safe to view the sun without eye protection for people in the total eclipse zone during a total eclipse (see below) and that sunglasses (whether they have prescription lenses or not) are not safe for viewing the sun, during an eclipse or otherwise.

The eclipse can also be viewed indirectly.

Similar to the pinhole projections seen through kitchen gadgets and snack crackers, numerous eclipse crescents will be visible through the leaves within trees and other plants.

DeLaney pointed out many people can make easy, cheap projects themselves, such as pin-hole boxes, which provide safe ways to watch a shadow of the eclipse. Various versions of the projector, also called an eclipse viewer can be found online with instructors and how-to videos.

"Certainly within 100 to 200 years we can predict when an eclipse will occur to within a second", Dr Espenak says, "but the pattern of occurrence is a complicated one".

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