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Schools face decision on how to keep kids safe during solar eclipse

Schools face decision on how to keep kids safe during solar eclipse

"And, of course, there are risks no matter what but you want to minimize those risks".

The Festus Public Library will be closed until 3 p.m. on August 21 so the staff and volunteers can fully participate in the city's eclipse celebration at West City Park. The event page also indicates the time of peak occultation will be 2:22 p.m. There will be little to no cloud coverage.

All across the country people are preparing for the solar eclipse, whether they are in the path of totality or not. While nearly everyone will be able to spot at least part of the event, select regions of the U.S. will get to watch the moon block out the sun completely in the area - AKA, the total eclipse, otherwise known as the totality. The "path of totality" where the total solar eclipse is visible will stretch through 13 states from OR to SC. Urquhart says the next eclipse like the one happening Monday will be April 8, 2024, and its path will be right through Dallas. Join us in our youth Story Room for a live stream of the solar eclipse, provided by NASA.

While the entire nation will experience some level of eclipse, the path of the "umbra" - where the eclipse is total - will be only about 100 miles wide and stretch from OR to SC.

However, if you are inside the path of totality, you will have a brief time in which your eyes and your camera will be safe, and you can take photos.

Protecting Your Vision During Upcoming Solar Eclipse
NASA Planetary Science Director Jim Green says that students should experience the eclipse, with the right precautions in place. Why aren't they evenly spaced? What really happens is the moon lines up to block the sun and thus cast a shadow on the Earth.

Twitter now has a totality emoji to celebrate the solar eclipse
Everyone can then view the spectacle with their backs to the Sun, which is the safest way for kids (and more social for everyone). Some retailers have pairs remaining, but if you don't happen to find a pair, you can safely make an eclipse-viewer at home.

Local libraries giving out free eclipse glasses
During the total eclipse , you can see the corona - the sun's outer atmosphere - surrounding the moon. Americans will experience the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S.in 38 years Monday .

During an eclipse, the moon has no influence on the sun, in regard to solar flares and sunspots. "You can make a box viewing device where you can look down and see the shadow of the sun being blocked by the moon".

If you are unable to get glasses, one way of indirectly observing the eclipse is by using a pinhole projector. Here's an interactive map pinpointing the event by location.

Nickel said solar glasses can be safe, but people have to be aware that there are counterfeit glasses out there that will not protect the eyes. If you have a telescope or binoculars, you can watch the eclipse using a solar filter.

The leaked memo, which was sent to managers in North Carolina state agencies Thursday morning, asked them to tell their employees not to look at the eclipse if they're at work. (Sarasota schools let out from 2:15 to 4:15 p.m., depending on the school.) Whenever possible, students should wait in covered areas for buses during dismissal time. But, sun-themed crafts and activities for children will be offered on Sunday, and library staff will be on hand to demonstrate safe telescope viewing. We can all do it for a second without any damage, but eclipses take a while.

Northeastern University: Held on the Centennial Common, the physics department of Northeastern will provide viewing cards instead of glasses, and a livestream in case of inclement weather.

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