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Protecting Your Vision During Upcoming Solar Eclipse

Protecting Your Vision During Upcoming Solar Eclipse

MOSI educators will be on hand to answer questions and ensure a safe viewing experience.

In northwest Florida, the eclipse will last three hours, beginning at 12:03 p.m.

Viewing the solar eclipse with the naked eye is risky.

NASA Planetary Science Director Jim Green says that students should experience the eclipse, with the right precautions in place.

The general public will be able to visit Ralph Korte Stadium where an enlarged, live video of the eclipse from a telescope will be displayed on multiple large screens, and a viewing tent will be on the north side of the stadium adjacent to the parking lot.

But if you procrastinated on getting your glasses, you may still be in luck, because local libraries are giving them away for free - in limited quanities.

Although there are many fun ways to watch the eclipse, including using pinhole projectors, the most popular way is to watch it directly, and that requires specialized solar eclipse glasses. See here for information about safely viewing the eclipse.

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According to NASA, you should avoid looking directly at the sun without proper eyewear protection. When will it be darkest here? It lasts about 34 days, long enough for the moon to complete a full orbit (and then some) of the Earth. What will it look like?

Another viewer gave a cautionary tale for all us who might be passing up our opportunity to see it this year. The sun will be about 74 percent blocked, so it will look a bit like twilight. You can see the path through each state here.

The Museum will host its free Solar Eclipse Viewing Party from 11:30 a.m.to 2:30 p.m., giving those interested in viewing the rare celestial sight a safe and fun way to do so. It is only by the time the eclipse reaches about 90 percent coverage that you will start to notice a landscape dimming, and by about 95 percent you will definitely be aware of something happening to the sunlight even if you did not know there was an eclipse at that moment. However, the moon's orbit and the sun's path in our sky don't match up exactly, so at most of those new moon events, the moon appears above or below the sun.

He added that even with the impressive technology that's been developed to view events like a solar eclipse, it's just as important to take a step back and enjoy the night with your naked eye. Why aren't they evenly spaced? What really happens is the moon lines up to block the sun and thus cast a shadow on the Earth. The sun and moon are acting together, and so we're having unusually strong tidal conditions. There's an interactive map that will show you the library closest to you offering eclipse resources.

Staring at the sun is bad for your eyes.

We can definitely learn things from eclipses.

Nickel said solar glasses can be safe, but people have to be aware that there are counterfeit glasses out there that will not protect the eyes.

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