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John Mayer Pays Tribute to Glen Campbell During Nashville Show

John Mayer Pays Tribute to Glen Campbell During Nashville Show

At that point, although his short-term memory was failing rapidly, he was in fairly good spirits, and his sense of humor was fully intact.But even little points he wanted to make turned into a struggle. "Glen and I were brothers in every sense of the word".

Jimmy Webb's Glen Campbell tribute also referenced the late singer's brief tenure with the Beach Boys, where he had temporarily replaced Brian Wilson in the band's touring lineup in the mid-1960s.

Darius Rucker: "Glen Campbell".

His performance of the title song from the 1969 film "True Grit", in which he played a Texas Ranger alongside Oscar victor John Wayne, received an Academy Award nomination.

"When God lifted my obsession for alcohol it was as if the raised the curtain on a whole new life". Campbell died Tuesday at 81. "And I think all this will come to the surface as the years pass and people realize what an extraordinary genius Glen really was". My thoughts and prayers are with Kim and all of his extended family today. And if Campbell had stopped there, that would have been enough, but then he started a solo career, becoming one of the first artists ever to bridge country and pop. Rest In Peace brother. "You were a shining light in so many ways".

"What a powerful artistic and personal journey Glen Campbell's passage has been. I will always love you, Glen!"

Before his mind evaporated into Alzheimer's disease, Campbell was able to go out on one last big tour, star in a documentary and record an album of his favourite songs, fittingly called "Adios".

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Tim McGraw: "Songs, songs, songs..." If it was a just and righteous world, Glen would be credited as one of the great, seminal influences of all time.

WEBB: It was literally like discovering your voice, you know. For a limited time, get a digital subscription for just $3.95 a month.

According to Campbell's website, his father recognised his talent at an early age and bought him a $5 guitar when he was four years old. Who came up with that?"When Kim reminded him - "Your doctor", she said - he shot back, "Well, he's probably wrong."In other situations he liked to quip: "I don't have Alzheimer's". It would be much, much later in life before I realized the song was actually quite sad and its titular character was a failed Nashville songwriter. At the end Urban goes full-on fan as he grins and shouts, "Glen Campbell, ladies and gentlemen!" "He put up a great fight against Alzheimer's Disease". You brought us a lot of joy.

A look back at his fantastic output underlines just how much he contributed to music fans' enjoyment over such a long period. He played a dynamic riff on the guitar that was trend setting. We will miss you Glen.

In 2011 Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Jimmy Osmond: "What a loss for all of us such an awesome performer and dear friend".

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