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Fitbit will soon sell its own headphones for your workouts

Fitbit will soon sell its own headphones for your workouts

Set for release at major Aussie retailers in October, Fitbit Ionic will retail for $449.95. Is it worth the money? It is only obvious that comparisons will be made with the Apple Watch, Series 1 and Series 2.

Pandora's new "Fitbit Motivation Mixtape" will include tracks by artists such as the Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Justice, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, ODESZA, STRFKR, and many others. It has a square touchscreen similar to the one on the Apple Watch. The battery life is supposed to last up to 10 hours if you use processor-intensive features like its built-in Global Positioning System or playing music constantly. That's not too bad, and should attract fitness buffs. Using this material is a great choice from Fitbit's part since aluminum is very light and durable at the same time. Four days of battery life should help keep this on your wrist and out of the desk drawer. Moreover, the smartwatch has the new SpO2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels and could be used to discover sleep apnea in the future. Fitbit boasts it has also included a highly accurate tri-wavelength heart rate sensor which in concert with the PurePulse tool will help provide precise readings.

The Ionic offers most of the general fitness tracking features that we have already seen on other Fitbit wearables. When you stop, the Ionic will stop the workout and log it for you.

Get tech news in your inbox weekday mornings. Is it accurate? That's for the jury to decide once it launches. Fitbit will also roll out the Fitbit Pay contactless payment solution in the United States and Canada for the moment, which will work on the same lines as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Fitbit OS will be regularly updated, and more apps are going to be added to its store.

Tips for viewing the solar eclipse
Consumer Reports recommends ones labeled with the safety code ISO 12312-2, which designates the global standard for solar filters. Here are some things to know. "The brightness and intensity of harmful light damages the focal point of your eye", Vann said.

Schools face decision on how to keep kids safe during solar eclipse
Urquhart says the next eclipse like the one happening Monday will be April 8, 2024, and its path will be right through Dallas. All across the country people are preparing for the solar eclipse , whether they are in the path of totality or not.

Strange, Moore to face off in GOP runoff for Alabama Senate seat
During the health care fight, McConnell was constantly bedeviled by objections from the far right of his caucus - Sens. Mitch McConnell's super PAC and the NRA, but Moore is a popular evangelical Christian with wide support in the state.

Fitbit recently lost its position as the top seller of wearable devices, falling behind Apple Inc and China's Xiaomi Corp. Ionic offers personal coaching software that creates personalized workouts (it's smart enough to recommend yoga after a tough workout, for example), guided breathing (for all that yoga), so-called SmartTrack intelligence that can detect your activity and adjust tracking accordingly, and-thanks to its water resistance-swim tracking that covers laps, stroke style, and calories burned.

So, should you buy it?

Given how well the classic Fitbit has performed, it's not a hard sell to think the Ionic can handle those tasks, without running into the Apple Watch's problem of reminding users of all the things an iPhone can do that it can't. The new model is expected from Apple in September and will likely pack advanced new health features. Llamas said, "It stands to reason we will see some other kinds of applications that are possibly not health and fitness oriented". Here, you can really see the influence of Pebble, which Fitbit bought out a year ago, to the delight of Pebble owners everywhere, ho ho.

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