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Bets on OJ Simpson's parole big business in Vegas

Bets on OJ Simpson's parole big business in Vegas

Simpson's current sentence is a result of assembling a gang of men to storm a hotel room where sports memorabilia was being stored, and despite his insistence that he was simply trying to recover his own items, he was sentenced to 33 years in jail. "And I followed it pretty closely- that he murdered two people, in cold blood, with a knife". "Under normal circumstances, he's out in October", said Loyola Law Professor Stan Goldman.

According to Felix, after he spoke to the officer who wrote him up and told her she would be known as the "Cookie Monster" if she didn't let the violation go, she tore it up.

"The fact that he is a celebrity will have very little bearing (on the hearing), if any", Wolfson said.

The parole board is not allowed to consider Simpson's murder trial in making it's recommendations Thursday. If Simpson is paroled, he will not leave prison before October 1. Simpson is expected to go free, due to good behavior during the nine years he's been incarcerated, but according to a former corrections officer, his chances were nearly endangered over a cookie.

The famous criminal, who has been locked up in Lovelock Correctional Center will appear in front of the four-member parole board in Carson City, Nevada, via video conference at 1 p.m. Testimony could come from Simpson, Simpson's lawyers, Simpson's victims and one family member or supporter of Simpson. Simpson in 2007, says it's time for the former football star to be released from prison.

Simpson is expected to make the case that he has been a model prisoner, receiving no demerits in the time he has been incarcerated. "Mr. Simpson fits that description".

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"If O.J. called me and said he needed a ride home from prison, I would be there for him", Fromong said.

O.J. Simpson is serving a nine to 33-year sentence for an armed robbery scheme with five others at the Palace Station in Las Vegas in 2007. Years earlier, he was charged with killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Simpson has spent almost a decade behind bars at Locklock, which has a capacity to hold about 1,680 inmates and is located approximately 160 km northwest of Reno, the ABC reports. It remains largely unpaid. Cambria said he believes the stigma from that trial lead to a more severe than usual sentence for the robbery.

Overall, Simpson has kept his head down and stayed out of trouble while in prison.

Earlier this year, Kim Goldman joined her father in an interview on Good Morning America, where she said of Simpson, "He did a terrible, heinous crime and I have no feeling [for him] except rot in hell".

"I'm not happy about it", said Marco Torico, who has lived at The Enclave the last two years.

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