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WWDC 2017: Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

WWDC 2017: Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

CNET senior editor Ashley Esqueda joined CBSN from Burbank to discuss highlights from the first day of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

This year's event has just been held, and as well as the consumer releases there was plenty for business customers to fawn over, too. Most of the news focused on the coming updates for its various operating systems, but CEO Tim Cook also introduced some new hardware. Other countries will get HomePods next year.

As we had told you in our last article, Apple released a smart speaker at WWDC.

At this rate, you have to wonder if that's exactly where Apple might stay. It maxes out with an 18-core processor and a 5K display and retails for $4,999. But don't go by its size and looks.

The 21.5in iMac will cost $1,100, or $1,300 for the 4k version.

John Ternus, Vice President, Mac and iPad Hardware Engineering speaks under a graphic of price points for the Macbook laptop family during Apple's annual world wide developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, U.S. June 5, 2017.

For photos, Apple is turning to a "high efficiency" format to replace the widely used JPEG standard. For half precision computation, the desktop can reach 22 TFLOPs. But O'Donnell also expressed skepticism on Apple's ability to dominate this new segment.

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is slightly bigger than the existing 9.7-inch iPad Pro and has a new high-resolution screen that makes it easier to scroll and draw.

Apple has announced the much-awaited new iMac Pro. These iPads feature a rear-facing 12-megapixel camera and a front-facing seven-megapixel camera.

Apple to end 32-bit app support on macOS
Among the announcements coming out of Apple's WWDC developer conference is news that Safari will prevent cross-site tracking. The Apple File System (APS) is not entirely new as it has appeared on macOS and other Apple devices since the WWDC 2016.

Apple wants to rock the market with HomePod, faces challenges
For example, Apple promises that HomePod will employ Siri voice integration, allowing the device to act as a " home assistant ". Asked about Amazon potentially introducing with its own premium-tier Echo speaker , Limp didn't sound too keen on the idea.

Can't resist texting while driving? Apple wants to make you stop
It will block videos that start playing automatically, for instance, and can also prevent ads from following and profiling users. HomePod , Apple Music and Siri deliver the best music experience in the home that streams ad-free directly to HomePod .

The new driving mode silences notifications, turns the phone's display off, and can automatically reply to messages to warn friends that you are driving. Plus, it also brings the support for HDR videos to iPad. Apple's strategy to downplay AI could very well do the task for them. ProMotion can also dynamically adjust the refresh based on what the user is doing.

The HomePod will ship in December, beginning in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia, and cost $349 US. A host of updates is being rolled out for general use, including Siri updates, payments through iMessage and the storing of iMessages in the iCloud.

More importantly, the competition is getting better at what it does. When away from home, HomePod can act as a home hub, yielding remote access and home automation through the Home app on iPhone or iPad.

Apple's File System is way faster along with being safer and more stable.

Among the new technologies include a smart speaker called "HomePod".

The HomePod will give you voice control of any HomeKit-supported accessories, letting you control your wonderful motorised blinds or Hue lights without whipping out your iPhone.

"Apple is smart to frame the HomePod as a music-centric and audio-centric device rather than just another smart speaker or another home for Siri", said Jackdaw Research analyst Jan Dawson.

Apple has made a series of augmented reality acquisitions over the past three years, and the first major fruits of those deals were presented on Monday.

In the case of both HomePod and ARKit, Apple is banking on fans of the brand potentially abandoning rival products in favor of whatever its in-house developers and independent developers create for the space.

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