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Virginia primary to help gauge USA political mood under Trump

Virginia primary to help gauge USA political mood under Trump

Dominion has always been a major donor to both Republicans and Democrats, and in 2017, the company has donated to both Northam and Gillespie's campaigns. Both candidates have pledged fierce opposition to Trump and his policies. He has promised to stand up to both Trump and the entrenched business interests that dominate state politics.

The result is a surprisingly tight race, pitting state against national-level and establishment against activist politics, in ways that are likely to characterise Democratic contests for the next few years. Are they going to make Trump the focus of every contest, or is their path back to power through local issues?

Perriello, who entered the race in January-long after Northam appeared to have the nomination locked up-is the darling of national Democratic leaders and activist groups.

For Sanders, the Democratic primary is one in a series of contests in which he is seeking to expand his influence in the party. But like Perriello, Northam has been unsparing in criticism of Trump, calling him a "narcissistic maniac". You can learn more about Stewart here.

Perriello joined the race as resistance to the Trump agenda began to boom, and promised on the stump to make Virginia a bulwark against it. The Kremlingate hearings could boost Sen. Bernie Sanders and former President Barack Obama singing his praises.

In Richmond, Kelly Barrows cast her ballot for Perriello because she said the former congressman more closely aligns with her progressive views. Clinton won this seat 55-40 and McAuliffe took it 48-47, but Marshall has proven to be a very tough opponent.

BERNIE SANDERS: Tom's victory will show that America's moral compass is pointing in a very different direction.

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Perriello is touting his progressive credentials and has the support of the Vermont senator as well as Massachusetts Sen. He would be a fitting successor to Terry McAuliffe-two career fundraisers and lobbyists who served concurrently as party chairs during the 2004 election.

The attorney general race will have Democrat Mark Herring, the incumbent, facing Republican John Adams in the November 7 election. But Tom Perriello, who had served one term in Congress, believed he saw an opening and made a decision to jump into the fray.

Byrd, alarmed by Stanley's underwhelming manner, supposedly came around to his candidacy after a conversation with Stanley's peppery wife, who was an heiress to a furniture fortune and a generous underwriter of the conservative Democratic organization that then ruled Virginia.

Northam has encountered his own difficulties.

But not only did Perriello not take their money, he has vowed to stop the company's efforts to build pipelines in the state. His aspiration is to grant equal opportunities for all candidates by banning the use of personal campaign funds, livestreaming many statewide meetings and establishing a process for accepting gifts, although his ultimate goal is to ban receiving gifts because he believes that this will help the government establish full disclosure and integrity. Leah Greenberg, one of the two founders of the Indivisible, used to work for him on the Hill; Mr Perriello officiated at her marriage to the other founder, Ezra Levin.

In 2009 and 2013, Obama not only endorsed but held rallies in support of the Democratic candidates in Virginia.

Will I be voting on a machine or a paper ballot? He is deeply connected in both national and Virginia politics and has spent his career working for high-profile Republicans including presidential candidate John Kasich, George W. Bush and former Virginia Gov.

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