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Shock UK exit poll suggests Britain's May fails to win majority

Shock UK exit poll suggests Britain's May fails to win majority

After a night of high drama across the country, May insisted her party was still in pole position to lead, despite falling short by eight seats and having to turn to Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party for backing.

It's unclear what Theresa May's next move will be, but pundits are suggesting she will likely strike a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party, who now hold 10 seats.

"We need to get started on the negotiations as soon as possible because time is ticking", German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth told Germany's ZDF, according to Reuters.

We saw two interesting elections held in Denmark and very recently in France.

ROULA KHALAF: Good to be with you.

"I will never apologise for my view which is, yes of course you've got to inspire people, and we haven't done that well enough in the past".

Britain's best-selling Sun newspaper said senior members of her party had vowed to get rid of May, but would wait at least six months because they were anxious that a leadership contest now could propel Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into power. May called the snap election to win a clear mandate for her plan to take Britain out of the EU's single market and customs union, so she could slash immigration.

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Now he's won two in a span of 12 months. "We didn't get to see the game because we were on the cruise ship", he said. The Penguins partied deep into the wee hours, scheduling their charter back to Pittsburgh shortly before noon.

May's Key Advisers Resign After Tories Lost Parliamentary Majority
Following the election result, she told Radio Ulster: "It's too soon to say what we're going to do yet". Most of the MPs elected last week want to avoid a so-called "hard Brexit ", pro-EU politicians claim.

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So I think all our analysis this morning points to the possibility of a softer Brexit now opening up. "Right now, I don't see any obstacles for the negotiations to take place as planned".

Beard: Theresa May wanted to drive a hard bargain with the U.K.'s European partners. As one teaching student at the University of London told VOA, "I think most of us here were against Brexit previous year".

"Theresa May refused to debate, she refused to talk with the ordinary people in the election" and "she has paid the price for that", the analyst added.

Even if the Conservatives had increased their majority materially, there was unlikely to be significant additional certainty about what Brexit meant. He said, "If we go the Theresa May route, we're going to end up with deeper cuts in public services".

Political observers say the election results raise questions about the government's future Brexit policy. I think the results of this election have more to do with austerity than they have to do with Brexit. It has also promised to consult Parliament more closely throughout the negotiations and give members a "meaningful vote" on a final deal.

Not everybody voted because they actually understood what Brexit is. Guy Verhofstadt, the Brexit representative for the European Parliament, said today that the result was "yet another own goal - after Cameron now May", referring to last year's Brexit referendum.

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