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Retro Studios Not Working On 'Metroid Prime 4'

Retro Studios Not Working On 'Metroid Prime 4'

We'll have more coverage of Nintendo's announcements, and hands-on impressions of the games they're showing at this year's E3, as the show continues this week.

Easily the biggest surprose during Nintendo's big E3 presentation (aside from a core Pokemon title being developed for the Switch), was the reveal that Metroid Prime 4 was now in the works.

MercurySteam is remaking Metroid II for 3DS.

For more on the game, check out IGN's hands-on preview for Metroid: Samus Returns. As with Yoshi, the game will release next year. So far, much of the attention has been on games for X-Box, Playstation, and PC; Nintendo, however, is getting in on the action too. It was not revealed which studio is developing the new entry.

The developers were widely praised for their bold reinvention of the Metroid franchise - which adopted a new first-person perspective viewpoint. But Samus Returns looks neat nonetheless, and it's taking inspiration from all the right sources. In this re-imagining of the 1991 Game Boy adventure players will be able to destroy the Metroid threat.

Nintendo called Pokkén Tournament DX "the definitive version of the game", and announced a release date of September 22.

Kirby is coming to Nintendo Switch
You'll also be able to spend your coins for the first time in a Mario game - allowing you to customise Mario with new outfits. Nintendo Switch debuted on March 3 and has been supply-constrained as the Japanese company attempts to keep up with demand.

Bahrain foreign minister to visit Turkey amid gulf crisis
Gargash said "not using the formidable media ownership in promoting an extremist agenda" was a condition for negotiations. "We are not ready to surrender, and will never be ready to surrender the independence of our foreign policy", he said .

Apple announces iOS 11 with Better UI, Smarter Siri
The promo text can be used to promote temporary deals or new content that doesn't otherwise require an app update . For a final verdict on how well Files gets the job done, we'll have to get to play with the final iOS 11 release .

We discussed everything we expect from E3 2017 on our weekly gaming podcast Transition. Nintendo will share details regarding the functionality at a later time.

We already know that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is in the works, but we've finally received a better look at the game.

While fans may be disappointed to hear that Retro won't be working on Metroid Prime 4, longtime producer Kensuke Tanabe is.

Both amiibo will feature special functionality in Metroid: Samus Returns. And what would a new Nintendo release be without the requisite amiibo that will sell out online the moment you refresh their product pages?

And if you're looking for a little more Link in your life, Bethesda also had a treat for Switch players at their conference on Monday.

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