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From superwoman to Wonder Woman

From superwoman to Wonder Woman

Asked about what made him chose to join the DCEU film with so many comicbook movies to choose from, the Star Trek actor makes a tiny little jab at Marvel while answering that director Patty Jenkin's take on Wonder Woman had actually drawn him to the film.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content. 141 minutes.

But she dug into stacks of comic books and the 1970s "Wonder Woman" TV show once she was cast as the Amazon princess, and quickly realized what an exceptional character she'd be playing.

Wonder Woman had a lot riding on it.

More importantly, "Wonder Woman" is helmed by a more-talented director, Patty Jenkins, who in 2003 gave the world the disturbing but memorable "Monster", starring a beefed-up Charlize Theron as a serial killer. Gadot's physical presence as Wonder Woman was well established in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but she handles the Diana Prince side with equal dexterity, whether puzzling over the excessive formalities of early 20th century womanhood or trading banter with Steve and his abashed comrades. Is this a good movie? I think it should do well for DC as it sets a new standard for what they are capable of, "Suicide Squad" notwithstanding.

PUIG: It is. I think that the director, Patty Jenkins, did a lovely job with that.

The main problem with "Wonder Woman" is that, aside from its powerhouse lead character, we've seen nearly all of this before. Being the encouraging older brother I am, I convinced her there was a strong possibility that she could replicate this maneuver with the same results as Wonder Woman, so she gave it her best.

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When Diana DOES spring into action, "Wonder Woman" rocks. The arrival of American fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) quite literally seems to burst the blissful bubble of her life; she becomes aware that there's a war being fought far away (World War I; shifting the timeline from the comic books), and that it's her duty to end it. Diana was depicted as a nebbishly girl whose prickly mother anxious she was going to become an old maid. The film's best moments come when she and Steve are discussing the differences between their worlds. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the DC extended universe, Superman is under global fire for killing thousands, and Zack Snyder's Batman snaps necks and mounts guns onto the Batmobile. And you'd be wrong.

The latest movie in the D.C. Expanded Universe is set to be released this weekend with some giant box office expectations and the strength of some excellent reviews, but with a long running time there are also plenty of questions about whether there's a spoiler hidden at the very end.

For starters, the screenplay plays fast and loose with Greek mythology - pretty sure no one else has ever claimed Zeus was an all-around great guy - as well as the more recent history of the Great War, which it uses as a backdrop.

Wonder Woman: Year One - Greg Rucka returns to tell the story of the first year of Diana as the Earth's protector, with Nicola Scott on art.

Wonder Woman is one of DC Comics' Golden Age heroes, created way back in 1941. Her mother was a hero, her aunt was a hero, and she felt it was the destiny of herself and the other Amazons to be heroic, and so she wanted to fulfill that destiny from the very beginning, from the time that she was a little girl. "Wonder Woman" evokes not only the spirit of Richard Donner's "Superman", but also Joe Johnston's "Captain America: The First Avenger", while still being its own thing.

Stars (of four): 2.5.

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