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Cavs the champs but Warriors the favorites in the NBA Finals

They figure to be electrified for the opener after watching the Cavaliers celebrate their first crown on the Warriors' court in a seventh-game thriller. If Love can tip the scales in his favor, that will be a big victory for Cleveland.Replacing Barnes: Kevin Durant had a clever response when asked Tuesday whether the Warriors are a tougher defensive matchup now that he has replaced Harrison Barnes in the starting lineup."The inevitability of this matchup makes it more exciting". Along the way, James gelled well with co-All Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, adding another dynamic to the Cavaliers offense. The inevitable Cavs-Warriors Finals matchup is here for the third year in a row. "I don't feel like we're underdogs". This year, we can only hope that both teams are at full strength for all seven games or however many it takes. The Cavaliers would avenge their loss by taking advantage of a Draymond Green suspension to shift the momentum.

He left the Oklahoma City Thunder to get his ring, joining a Warriors team that finished 73-9 past year, before blowing a 3-1 lead in the finals to LeBron & Co. The Warriors became the butt of all National Basketball Association jokes after the epic collapse. They are far and away the best teams in their conference and that was evidenced by the Warriors going undefeated through the first three rounds of the playoffs and by the Cavs losing just one game. After several disappointments, the Cleveland curse had been lifted (just in the National Basketball Association of course) and the Cavaliers are ready to repeat. Draymond Green and Kevin Durant have the lateral quickness of guards which will make it hard to blow past them.

The game doesn't remember guys who who shoot their team out of a game 7, it forgets them.

Individually, LeBron has a lot at stake because with a win he will have a.500 record in the Finals. Pachulia missed two games in the Western Conference finals with a heel injury and may lack the mobility needed against Thompson, who is almost averaging a double-double, shooting 60 percent and rebounding well offensively for Cleveland. And, that's exactly what a team needs in the postseason, especially the Finals. But it would be a heavy lift for this year's series to match last year's in ratings.

- This is the fourth time the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached the NBA Finals, all of those appearances coming in the past decade.

Lebanese ministry calls for ban of Wonder Woman movie
One of the key villains in this Friday's Wonder Woman is that of General Ludendorff, brought to life by Danny Huston. And I think that it's an important movie not only for women and girls, but it's also great for boys and men.

Journey to the Stanley Cup Final: Nashville Predators
The Penguins did not record a shot in the first 10 minutes of the third period, and Nashville scored another power-play goal, 3-2. The blitz all happened in the last five minutes of the first, giving Pittsburgh a 3-0 lead after 20 minutes.

LeBron undaunted by challenge of facing Warriors in Finals
James' Cavaliers are underdogs, the best player on the planet expected to be overwhelmed by the top team in the world. A year ago the Cavaliers' finals win was pretty much sealed by a show-stopping performance by Kyrie Irving.

The Golden State Warriors are going to have trouble once again guarding LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

"... Being a competitor, you want to be able to help your team win and be a factor and I've gotten the opportunity and I'm blessed to do that (with the Warriors)". The latter's performance could play an important hand in determining the National Basketball Association 2017 champion. Many people crowned them champions before the season even began. They have destroyed all the teams in the competition with their dominant display. Neither the Eastern Conference nor the Western Conference Finals were particularly close. Durant jumped ship to join the Warriors this offseason and was heavily criticized for it.

ABOUT THE CAVALIERS: Small forward LeBron James averaged 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds and 8.9 assists in last season's Finals and has been superb this postseason with averages of 32.5 points, eight rebounds and seven assists.

Just exactly how is a team supposed to guard Golden State?

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