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Apple's Siri speaker to be an audiophile-pleasing smart home hub

Apple's Siri speaker to be an audiophile-pleasing smart home hub

Unlike Amazon's recent Echo Show, Apple's speaker won't include a screen - that's according to people who have seen the product.

The company has considered including sensors that automatically adjust audio levels dependent on the acoustics of a room, insiders said. Sources say Apple employees have been testing the speaker in their homes for several months.

There have been rumors about Apple making a smart speaker. In addition to pumping out jams (preferably from Apple Music) the system would reportedly serve as a hub for Apple's HomeKit smart home ecosystem.

The speaker will offer "virtual surround sound technology", which would be a differentiator from its competitors. Reports also have it that Google is slowly overtaking Amazon when it comes to popularity and sales because of the more robust design of the Home.

The device is created to sit in the kitchen or living room and verbally responds to basic commands and questions.

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Deep integration with Apple's product lineup is on the cards though, unsurprisingly, with Bloomberg reporting that HomeKit support will enable users to control their IoT gadgets such as light bulbs and door locks. Regarding the manufacturing, the report says, Inventec Corp. which already makes AirPods will be producing the Siri speakers.

When developers gather in San Jose next week for Apple's annual conference, there could be a new voice-powered speaker waiting to greet them.

Now, Google is celebrating the first-year anniversary of its smart speaker, the Google Home. Rumors about the Apple standalone Siri device have been around for a while now.

Apple sometimes does use the platform to unveil some of its hardware products too. That's because the two dominant players, Echo and Home, don't play nice with Siri. Rumours suggest Apple might launch a new 10.5-inch iPad, a refreshed version of iPad Pro and updated MacBook Pro computers. At last year's WWDC, Apple announced that Siri would be opened up to third-party developers, enabling Siri to complete more complex tasks.

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