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Tesla Selling Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla Selling Solar Roof Tiles

Elon Musk's plan to make every roof handsome and power generating is underway.

Tesla Inc. has begun taking orders for its remarkable solar roof tiles to be delivered by summer at a price point that could be transformative for the USA solar market. They'll be economically competitive if priced similar to traditional roofing materials plus the cost of solar panels.

Interested parties can place an order for a solar roof with a down payment of $1310.

As a reminder, these new types of tiles make it possible to produce energy from the sun's rays without actually installing a panel, elegantly and optimizing the useful solar surface since the entire roof can be used.

The tiles will be produced at Tesla's solar plant in Fremont, Calif., and then shift to its new factory in Buffalo, N.Y., in conjunction with Panasonic.

Tesla's Solar Roof looked incredible at launch: Specially designed roof tiles that are installed just like any other roof but also happen to be solar panels.

During the launch of the roof a year ago, Musk emphasized the importance of having functional and aesthetically laudable solar roofs. Meanwhile, any excess power generated can be stored in Tesla's Powerwall 2.0 battery units, giving a backup energy source to cover demand spikes. "That then goes into an electric vehicle, so you have a sustainable transport solution".

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In fact, the Tesla solar shingles are the most durable roof available.

The price per square foot varies with the proportion of solar and non-solar tiles - Tesla says active tiles will cost $42 per square foot while inert tiles will be around $11 per square foot.

Tesla is trying to be fully upfront with the costs involved with the help of a cost calculator. And Tesla will also throw in a warranty "for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first". The Tesla solar roof tiles have roughly equivalent efficiency of traditional solar power gathering cells. Several other companies have tried and discarded solar shingles.

The Tuscan and French Slate shingles should become available by early 2018.

Musk had initially claimed that the pricing patterns would amount to the cost of a standard roof "plus electricity". He declined to project sales for this year, but said they'd gather speed and one day grow exponentially.

Moreover, in the long run, after cost savings are taken into account, these panels won't be more expensive than normal roofs.

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