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Sony Stops Manufacturing PS3 in Japan

Sony Stops Manufacturing PS3 in Japan

Earlier in the year, Sony indicated that it planned to end PlayStation 3 production in Japan.

Sony didn't really make much of a big deal out of it and publications only found out because the company's Japanese website listed the shipping details of the 500GB PS3 as "ended".

Sony recently released a new System Software Update for the PlayStation 4 that was meant to bring new icons and more stability, however, it appears to have destabilized some PlayStation consoles.

To be fair, the Wii U wasn't all that popular with fans and critics. It has been manufactured for about 10 years which is more than enough for Sony to be proud about. Sony claimed on its earnings report that it had shipped 60 million units of the PS4.

The PS3 was bolstered by high-quality exclusive titles such as the Uncharted series, but was late to introduce counterparts to the online features seen in Xbox Live at the time. While some lamented the loss of the original PlayStation 3 model - a powerhouse console that was capable of playing almost any media source including PlayStation 2 games - the accessibility of later PlayStation models certainly helped Sony recover some of the ground they lost.

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The model number for this particular PS3 hardware is CECH-4300C, and it went on sale in 2014.

What is Sony changing after the PS3? The Pro is an immensely powerful system that can handle 1080p gaming. Microsoft's Xbox 360 was able to just edge it out in overall sales, while neither the 360 nor the PS3 could beat the Wii's stellar numbers.

It remains uncertain what the PS5 will look like. All of these are multi-platform releases that are also coming out on the PS4.

According to a photo published on Reddit, Sony would soon market a new color of its console, the PlayStation 4 Slim Gold Edition.

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