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'Sean Spicer' returns to 'SNL' with Melissa McCarthy back at the podium

'Sean Spicer' returns to 'SNL' with Melissa McCarthy back at the podium

Not for long, however, as Spicer made his return with a fire extinguisher to put the "pants out" of the press for lying, before declaring: "Spicey's back, Sarah's out". But McCarthy is the type of effortlessly charming, shamelessly goofy performer who makes a great SNL host, and she redeemed so numerous show's weaker moments.

However, proceedings opened with her Spicer impersonation dismissing Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckerbee Sanders (played by Aidy Bryant), from her duties.

But when reporters start to prod Spicey on his relationship with Trump amid rumors that the president wants to fire him, Spicey gets riled up and rides his motorized podium straight to Trump Tower to clear things up. "That's right - Spicey's back". First question, the Michelin Man. McCarthy's Spicer wasn't ready for the emotional implications of betrayal. "Twenty-five hot dummies", the narrator says of the new bachelorette, touting "the most progressive season ever" that promises to be inspiring, fearless and break down barriers. As to the reporter who asked the question: "I honestly hope to God I killed her". "He - he wouldn't do that". And they're going to prove it with a certified letter, which you know is the truth because it costs an extra two dollars have it certified!

That would have been a fitting end, but in the "SNL" tradition of more is not enough, the 8-minute skit continues until McCarthy finds Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump at a New Jersey golf course.

"Kiss me", said Baldwin's Trump, over Spicer's objections that he has a wife.

The highest marks this season were logged by the February 11 episode hosted by Alec Baldwin and featuring musical guest Ed Sheeran (10.843 million viewers, 3.10 in 18-49) and the Nov. 12, 2016 show, the first SNL to follow the November Presidential Election, with host Dave Chappelle and musical guest A Tribe Called Quest (8.691 million viewers, 3.15 in 18-49).

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He then tickles Spicer, and it gets uncomfortable pretty quickly. "You are clearly articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish". Baldwin's Trump bit continues to run on the stale side, but America loves it, so we're not expecting to see any changes.

Reporters can't help but ask Sanders (beg her, really) to take over Spicer's position full time. "It's ok, I'm famous".

"Is this like "The Godfather" where you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?" Rewatching that initial press conference sketch, you can hear the crowd slowly, surely, then ecstatically greet the choice to have McCarthy embody this role.

Instead of a guest appearance, McCarthy hosted this week's show, continuing her now infamous impression of Spicer.

When Spicer and the White House's lack of credibility are the central focus of an SNL sketch, the problem has gone mainstream. As host, she didn't bother with a monologue, but instead lead an audience member - and mother - on a tour backstage.

The firing of Comey was also the basis for the show's cold open, which featured Baldwin's Trump sitting down with NBC's Lester Holt, played by Michael Che, to discuss the recent news.

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