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Ryan on Republicans not reading the bill: 'Bogus attack' from the left

Ryan on Republicans not reading the bill: 'Bogus attack' from the left

Republicans celebrate at White House after House passes health care bill. Constituents have been asking a lot of questions, and we've been fact-checking the answers given by some leading GOP lawmakers.

"No, no, no", Reed told the parent.

"The legislation should not take that long", he said.

While the bill is likely to remembered as one of the greatest bipartisan compromises of the decade, it is not without detractors. That means there will be controversy surrounding any plan to replace Obamacare.

The impact it would have on many people with preexisting conditions is also wholly negative, Thomas said. It also pointed to the millions of people buying insurance on the exchanges who may be young and healthy and believe, often wrongly, that they don't need health insurance.

Hill worries her pre-existing condition may make it hard to get coverage under the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare.

Insurers also could refuse to cover many medications, including drugs that treat cancer, diabetes, AIDS or arthritis, according to Kaiser. "... The Senate will take its time and we will look at the House product and look for ways that we can strengthen it and improve it and ultimately, get something to the president that will have a desired effect and that's a more competitive insurance market".

Royal Mo, Master Plan not running in Kentucky Derby
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HB 11 would create a better early intervention structure for students dealing with mental health issues. "And, again, in Medicaid, you are going to knock all these people off after 2020, which is just a few years away, these people who now are getting covered across the country".

"The quality of health insurance will vary widely from state to state, as would the depth of those services", said Michael Williams, director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of Virginia. It's going to be fantastic health care.

The bill as it stands would have the potential to alter insurance coverage in two major areas - by nixing coverage requirements for employees at larger companies, and by - theoretically - making it possible for employees at larger companies to have to pay an unlimited amount for so-called "essential" health care benefits out of pocket. So workers with very expensive conditions, or their family members with such conditions, could see their costs pile up - even if they have health coverage through work. The employer could then impose annual or lifetime limits on reimbursement for hospitalization - something barred under the ACA.

Blum's second statement - the one in regard to Medicaid - is false. All nine GOP members in Michigan's Congressional delegation voted for the repeal and replace package, including U.S. Rep Jack Bergman of Michigan's 1st Congressional District.

Senate Bill 305, filed just last Wednesday, added an amendment on the Senate floor to cool a controversy that could have threatened what should be a simple bill to allow the Secretary of State's Office and county clerks to get busy developing the primary system before the 2018 election cycle. In short, it allowed Vermont to go to a single-payer system, if they so choose, and SC to go to a market-based system.

Specifically, the bill is predominantly about eliminating most taxes and penalties, and this narrow construct was driven by the procedure that requires the bill to be budget neutral and primarily deal with budgetary issues. "I don't even know if they had any closed meetings". Advocates say some fear that will lead to more abuse, and has caused some victims not to seek help when they are abused. This bill moves the hospital provider fee to its own piggy bank, allows the state to restore the funding to rural hospitals that was going to get cut, frees up money for CDOT to start using toward its billion dollars in needs and, quietly raises the retail marijuana tax from 10 percent to 15 percent, the maximum allowed under state law.

While the number of new health care jobs continues to grow, hiring has slowed in recent months. This allowed hospitals to hire more nurses, doctors, and technicians.

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