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Pro-Ryan group launches ad thanking supporters of House healthcare bill

The House approved the American Health Care Act late last week, sending it to an uncertain future in the Senate. Each of us is vulnerable to the unchecked exclusionary power that the health care bill would restore to the health insurance sector - a power that insurance providers have wielded before and used to devastating effect. President Trump tweeted on Friday. "Deductibles will be coming down". The new bill would seem to put that at risk.

At any rate, it is going to take some time before the Senate has a bill ready to return to the House, Cruz said.

"We're talking about the elderly, we're talking about children, we're talking about disabled, we're talking about mental illness", Graddy says.

All those claims are half-true at best.

"I've talked to a couple of key senators on this", he said, "and to the last one, they said, 'we will definitely have amendments, ' sort of laughing, as if to say, you know, 'we're not taking up that crap'".

As Republicans crossed over the vote threshold to pass the Bill, Democrats in the House began singing "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye", a rowdy suggestion that Republicans will lose seats in the 2018 congressional elections due to their vote. It removes the current law's guarantee that people with pre-existing conditions won't have to pay higher premiums. The bill keeps the caps on out-of-pocket costs.

The disability community has responded fiercely as well, highlighting potential cuts to special education programs at schools and to services that help Medicaid recipients - about 10 million of whom qualify due to disability - live and work independently.

The ill-fated Republican bill in March would result in 24 million more Americans losing insurance within a decade, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said at the time.

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Health care is complicated, as the president has learned, but some of this is simple arithmetic.

You're not affected if you get insurance through your employer (155 million people), or through Medicaid or Medicare. There's still no such thing as a free lunch. "This is going to come back to bite them".

As the matter is a "deliberative process", it could take several weeks or even a "couple of months" before the Senate returns a bill to the House, and if that doesn't happen, it would prove "catastrophic".

The second-biggest saving is a cut in subsidies for people who buy insurance on the individual marketplace.

Proponents of the bill note that people in poor health would still be protected as long as they maintain coverage.

Tax credits. The flat tax credit approach is flawed, because it will price the low-income near-elderly out of the market.

"Thousands of Americans would die because they would no longer have access to care", said Senator Bernie Sanders. The only fix offered by the bill is the creation of high-risk pools for those who didn't win the genetic lottery. "I don't like it". The House bill blocks federal payments for a year to the organization, which provides abortions but doesn't use federal funds for them by law. Fortunately, this awful health care legislation has a long way to go through the Senate before Donald Trump gets the chance to affix his EKG-like signature. "What we want is a compassionate policy that allows people to be covered and get care that they want - not that the government mandates that they have - and that they can afford".

That's impossible, of course. It all felt like a chintzy version of the victory party after a high school football championship, except no one dared douse Coach Trump or assistant coaches Pence and Paul Ryan with Gatorade.

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