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Lobbying by hospitals, doctors slows GOP health care drive

Lobbying by hospitals, doctors slows GOP health care drive

But while the bill says people with pre-existing conditions will have "access" to insurance, it does not address affordability.

The LePage administration has lobbied for the ME risk pool idea with the Trump administration. That number dropped to 6,948 a year ago, according to the article.

After Maine established its high-risk pool, premiums for people in their 20s fell an average $5,000 a year, and people in their 60s saw their costs decline by about $7,000.

The GOP (Trumpcare) version would place the healthier, less expensive people into one pool and place the less healthy and more costly people into a high risk pool. He and other moderates have complained that the legislation erodes protections provided under the existing law that prevent insurers charging people with pre-existing illnesses unaffordable premiums. Most people think that they would go with high-risk pools, which is a way for the state to backstop the cost of their higher-cost patients so that they get that their coverage. As with the last version of the AHCA, if the bill were to pass, a wealthy few would benefit at the expense of the vast majority of Coloradans, and all of us with identified health conditions could pay much more.

It was late in the summer of 2009, and then-U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt had stopped by the Globe to discuss health care.

Here's how Maine's program worked. In other words, who would cost them the most, based on a medical questionnaire?

ME has an invisible risk pool where insurance companies have to turn over to the state 90 percent of the premium paid by anyone the company deems high risk.

As a business, insurance companies need to be focused on their profit margin.

Now assume that the high-risk pool provides the same quality of coverage as ACA exchange coverage and subsidizes premiums by the same percentage. This would translate to 220,000 Floridians who would be quarantined into the high-risk pool from the individual and small group markets. Under AHCA, states could apply to not include those benefits.

Gary Cohn head of the Council of Economic Advisors said he thinks the GOP has the votes to pass an Obamcare repeal bill in the House
Gary Cohn head of the Council of Economic Advisors said he thinks the GOP has the votes to pass an Obamcare repeal bill in the House

That being said, here are the arguments for and against the program. "One thing is clear - we need to replace the ACA with a new approach that lowers premiums, gives people choice and drives down the cost of health care".

Opposition groups say the overall 2011 ME law also caused some rates to go up, and say they have lots of questions about using it as a national model. Of course, many insurance plans offer more than these services, but they are the minimum benefits a plan must cover in order to be sold in the state.

"If I can see them in the clinic and treat something early, it's really cheap", said Cullen.

The law also allowed insurers to adjust their rates based on where policyholders lived.

"It's our understanding that the $8 billion over the five years will more than cover those that might be impacted", Upton said Wednesday after a meeting at the White House.

Skeptics say it's not that simple. If they ask if you have insurance, repeat that youd like to pay cash, ” Pinder says. "Many people don't reach their deductible by the end of the year, anyway". For example, many people in the West are part of a rural electric co-op - why wouldn't these co-ops be able to join together and establish an association health plan?

It is hard to predict how broadly the waivers would affect the millions of people with pre-existing conditions. She says, "You add it all up and that's nearly $20,000 a year".

Larisa Thomason, of New Castle, Ala., remembers the day 15 years ago when her husband got a letter from Humana informing him that his policy would not cover any cancer care because a preventive colonoscopy had turned up several benign polyps. The cost of care for children on Medicaid accounts for less than 20 percent of the Medicaid budget. "The dollar amounts the Republicans are talking about are woefully inadequate chump change", Stein said. Progressives are trying to make sure that each person has the same opportunity to get affordable health care regardless of their income.

If insurers are not required to provide coverage for a particular type of service, competition with other insurers will generally mean that no insurer will offer coverage for that service voluntarily.

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