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Democrats see a winning issue in opposing GOP health bill

Democrats see a winning issue in opposing GOP health bill

Predictions are that the Senate, also run by Republicans, will certainly change and may stall entirely this repeal and replace maneuver, which has been motivated from the start by a revenge motive against President Obama.

Rep. David Brat, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus who refrained from supporting the AHCA until amendments were added, told USA Today's Eliza Collins he wants to see the AHCA as it stands now to get to Trump's desk.

That's why the bill does not wipe away all the ACA's private insurance regulations, including the requirement that insurers not discriminate against customers who have preexisting health conditions.

Seventy-three years later, despite the passage of many health care reforms, his dream remains as controversial as it was back then. Here's a look at what the bill does.

President Trump tried to clean that up with a Tweet on Friday. "Truman wrote in his memoirs that it was one of the most disappointing political defeats of his career".

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME, a moderate Republican whose vote will be critical in getting a bill to Trump's desk, voiced concerns about potential higher costs for older people and those with pre-existing conditions. You would think that the immediate reaction from Democrats in Congress, in the face of such callousness, would be abject horror. After the House passed its version of the legislation, House members signaled they wouldn't accept many alterations in the Senate - even as Republican senators said they were preparing their own bill.

An estimated 27 percent of Americans under age 65 have health conditions that could leave them uninsurable, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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"We cannot allow people in this country to go with inadequate health insurance or with no health insurance, because no matter how old you are, something like this could happen to you", he said. Because of that, there might be the potential in some states for a pregnant woman to be charged more for coverage. "It is more about politics", said Democratic Sen. "It will force Americans to pay more for less". Preliminary estimates have said perhaps 24 million people could lose coverage with the GOP's repeal and replace action.

That uncertainty was not helped when the House voted on the plan despite the text only being available for several hours before being voted on, and Republican Congressmen like Virginia's Thomas Garrett and New York's Chris Collins going on television after the vote to say they did not read the bill before voting "yes" on it.

Obamacare prevents annual limits and bars lifetime limits on "essential" benefits. "And I'm just not in favor of taxpayer money going to insurance companies". However, some experts doubt that large employers will rush to take this option. The Wall Street Journal found this bill could allow employers to cap coverage. "But employers are always looking for ways to lower costs". The leaders also were to speak at a NY dinner commemorating the 75th anniversary of an important World War II battle. Currently, 32 states, including D.C., have expanded Medicaid eligibility criteria because of Obamacare.

This would reverse the historic gains in coverage in recent years. It would also change Medicaid to a program that gives states fixed amounts of money each year, rather than an open-ended program that covers beneficiaries' costs. "I think that's unlikely", Collins said. It's going to change in my view, ' he said on NPR. The federal government pays nearly all of the costs of the new enrollees.

Senators have questioned aspects of the House bill, which would slash funding for Medicaid, the program that provides insurance for the poor, and roll back much of its expansion during the Obama administration. One such provision prohibits the Justice Department from using any funds to block implementation of medical marijuana laws by states and US territories.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders expects the Senate to make changes, but keep the bill's main pillars.

"Are you actually saying that $880 billion in cuts ... however you want to talk about that not being a cut", Tapper asked, "that that won't result in millions of Americans not getting Medicaid?"

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