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Most young people say gov't should pay for health care

Most young people say gov't should pay for health care

United States Senator Deb Fischer is disappointed Republicans in the House could not agree on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but she still hopes an agreement can be reached.

Some 55% thought it went too far in cutting existing programs, while only 35% felt it didn't do enough to end Obamacare. A late Tuesday meeting at the Capitol involving Vice President Mike Pence and about two dozen lawmakers produced no agreement, but White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said there was progress because both sides were "in the same room talking through the same issues". Health insurers would be prohibited from selling health insurance that duplicates benefits provided in the legislation. Well, we don't know what it would do yet. It led to widespread "job lock", in which people who might have started new businesses or joined a small company couldn't do so because they had to stay in their old job to hold on to the coverage they had.

Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said it's increasingly looking like there won't be a deal before Congress breaks for a two-week recess.

-It will be introduced at this date:. Typical liberals who only care for their own agenda, and, not what we Americans want and need.

Mmm ... not sure on that, either.

So, while the GOP is claiming that they're not touching pre-existing conditions since insurers will still have to sell you insurance, insurers will be able to charge you so much that you won't be able to afford it, effectively shutting you out of the market. Cut in 2018? Cut immediately?

Ditching those protections would let insurers charge exorbitant rates for people with pre-existing conditions while also offering plans that don't offer key services, like maternity care, hospitalization or lab services.

In general, Americans tend to like its insurance guarantees and benefits but despise the individual mandate requiring people to hold insurance or pay a tax.

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Womack, who was a "yes" on the GOP's American Health Care Act, said despite encouraging talk from some corners of the House, a revival was not in sight.

That's the appealing new health-care world Republicans are considering bringing us into: crappy insurance, and tens of millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions getting utterly screwed.

Get free real-time news alerts from the White House Patch. "There was a general agreement that the progress we're making is certainly progress, and there are good discussions, but understanding that there's a whole lot of things that we have to work out".

-Democrats already hate it.

MCEVERS: How much of a window do they have on this?

"Just scrolling through some of their questions", he continues, "62 percent of their respondents contacted an official to express their opposition to President Trump and 69 percent reported attending one of those women's marches earlier in the year".

In February, the administration proposed a rule that would take a bit of the shine off bronze, silver, gold and platinum exchange plans by allowing them to provide less generous coverage while keeping the same metal level designation.

"One of the challenges with that was there were providers who wouldn't see Medicaid patients, so people struggled to find providers locally", Harris said.

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