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IRS Turns to Private Debt Collectors Amid Wave of Telephone Scams

IRS Turns to Private Debt Collectors Amid Wave of Telephone Scams

When is the deadline for getting my taxes filed this year? So, if you don't file your return until October and wait until that time to pay your taxes, you'll find that the amount due has increased significantly.

On the other hand, if you can't afford to pay your taxes and you tell the IRS, you can be put on an installment plan for up to six years.

For those of us who are serial procrastinators when filing - or thinking about filing - our income tax returns, the calendar this year gave us a reprieve. However, it is important to remember that filing an extension only delays the deadline for filing your taxes. The mailed payment must be postmarked no later than April 18 to avoid any additional interest and penalties.

E-filing PIN errors. When you e-file your tax return, you're required to sign and validate the return electronically. Tax returns for tax year 2016 are due by April 18th, 2017, which is a Tuesday. "These marginal tax rates represent the highest possible income tax rate you could pay", Hill said. That's because the IRS had a rule that they would never ask for payment information over the phone. There's even an IRS2Go app for paying with your mobile device.

Martindale said, "A private collector who's collecting on behalf of the federal government has more powers than if they were collecting on behalf of a bank for a credit card debt for example". First, the IRS will send a letter to the taxpayer and their tax representative informing them that their account is being assigned to a PCA and giving the name and contact information for the PCA.

Cavanagh said ignoring a tax bill may lead to collection action, which could include wage garnishment or putting a lien on property.

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To combat fraud, the IRS says it is sending letters to taxpayers alerting them that their accounts are being turned over to private debt collectors.

Murphy said taxpayer accounts will only be sent to one of the four firms, and the firms are only handling a "very small portion" of overdue tax accounts. If you used tax software to file your original return, you can typically obtain the forms for free from that program to correct your mistake - but you must print out the corrected forms and snail mail them. Also keeping an eye out will be the National Taxpayer Advocate and the Treasury employees' union, both of whom have expressed strong reservations about the program's cost-effectiveness and how it's structured, among other things. Paying a reputable professional you trust can help you stay organized and minimize your tax liability.

If you can't come up with the money by April 18, you should still file a tax return or request an extension.

Although 2013 filing dates are long gone, the law provides most taxpayers with a three-year window in which to claim a refund, Williamson said.

With two weekends to go before the tax-filing deadline, the Internal Revenue Service is extending call center hours, the agency announced Thursday. In addition, Individuals living outside the US with their main place of business outside the USA are allowed an automatic 2-month extension to file their return.

NTEU also questions how much money the IRS has already spent re-starting this program, including reviewing the bids from the contractors and setting up the process for monitoring their work.

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