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Elisabeth Moss Is Wearing Her Politics on the Red Carpet

Elisabeth Moss Is Wearing Her Politics on the Red Carpet

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One of the most anticipated drama series of the spring arrives today with the premiere of "The Handmaid's Tale" on Hulu.

But while The Handmaid's Tale does aim to show viewers that a world like Gilead isn't necessarily inevitable, neither does the show dance around how easily our society could devolve into the misogynistic near-future of Atwood's work. I just like playing women who have true-to-life characteristics. "If you imprison these people and take away all of their rights and sexually assault them and treat them with violence, what happens to these people?" Moss stars as Offred, a fertile woman kept as a virtual slave to bear children for the upper classes of a theocratic regime.

Watch the official trailer for The Handmaid's Tale, coming only to Hulu April 26, 2017.

"Now I'm awake to the world", she says, as she moves bonnet-clad down a haunting street, surrounded by armed officers.

Her current state, where constant repression of mind, body, and soul naturally leads Offred to withdraw inside her own mind, where she is at least free to think as she pleases.

"When they slaughtered Congress, we didn't wake up", Moss is heard saying in the trailer of the show.

Moss asked Welch if she could accessorize with Planned Parenthood buttons or A.C.L.U. ribbons, to which Welch replied with an emphatic yes.

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'I think it's a timely project, no matter who you are. She even makes a cameo appearance as an Aunt (a woman in charge of handmaids) in the Hulu TV show. Hulu's Handmaid's Tale is jarring because it visits those gruesome indignities on contemporary American women, in a setting that feels troublingly familiar.

Much of the poetry and symbolism in The Handmaid\u0027s Tale \/em is written into the story itself, but it would be nothing without the devastating bravery of Elizabeth Moss\u0027 performance. "If she takes a misstep or says the wrong thing in front of the wrong person...there's an underlying tension in all of the scenes".

One of the signs from the Women's March that most sticks in my mind was "I can't believe I'm still protesting this shit".

If there's one thing that characterizes Elisabeth Moss's career, it's complexity.

MOSS: (As Offred) No, you can't.

In 1985, a Canadian author introduced readers to Gilead - totalitarian theocracy where human rights are jeopardized, especially for women. I took over a month, I think, to decide. "I hope they picket the White House wearing these costumes". "With something like this, it became more personal than anything I've ever done in a way that was unavoidable", she said.

"That's the message we want to carry out to the world".

Moss' character ― separated from the husband and daughter she knew before the rise of Gilead, back when familiar companies like Uber and Tinder had more pull over contemporary society ― certainly faces challenges rarely seen on TV before. The conservative evangelical movement, fairly homogenous at the time the novel was published, is "a little more diverse" now, Miller said.

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