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Trump, Merkel Set to Meet in Oval Office

Trump, Merkel Set to Meet in Oval Office

The Trump administration withdrew from an Asian trade pact in January and accused China of currency manipulation amid threats of tariffs against Chinese goods. Both the Trump administration and the Merkel government are fundamentally unhappy with these expectations and pressures.

Merkel also grew up in East Germany, where many ordinary people were victims of a phone tapping and surveillance program perpetrated by the communist regime's Stasi secret police so she is deeply sensitive to such issues.

Whatever President Trump may think of Mrs. Merkel's soft spot for Syrian refugees or her outdated commitment to the European Union, Germany is a vital partner standing in the way of Russian expansionism in Europe.

So BMW CEO Harald Krueger and two other German CEOs, the head of Schaeffler and Siemens, are expected to join Merkel in her meeting with Trump. And also pleasure at meeting each other.

Merkel told regional newspaper Saarbruecker Zeitung that Erdogan's accusation this week that she supported terrorists from the Kurdish PKK militant group was absurd. I better like her - I may have to deal with her. Look, hey, Putin likes me.

He also lashed out at Time magazine when it named Ms Merkel "Person of the Year" in 2015 instead of him.

"We call on those responsible to do everything possible to avoid a standstill or even a worsening of our trade relations", wrote Bernhard Mattes, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany in an op-ed published Friday. Trump has reportedly instructed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to slash U.S. funding of the United Nations and its related agencies and activities by up to 50 percent. Germany's economic model based on strong exports has benefited from European integration and the single market; more than 60 percent of all German exports still go to Europe. Germany has denied those allegations.

US sending attack drones to South Korea
Monday, Kim launched four missiles toward US bases, with three landing in the Sea of Japan. To say such an action would be hard and risky however would be a massive understatement.

Pac-12 Tournament Halftime Report: UCLA Basketball Not Shooting Well vs. Arizona
USC's second-half angst was directed at the scorer's table after Enfield removed Stewart when it was announced he had four fouls. The Arizona Wildcats used a tremendous shooting display to defeat the UCLA Bruins , 86-75, in the Pac-12 Tournament semifinals.

Here's indisputable proof that not every sportswriter loves the Tar Heels
At 82-73 with just over two minutes to go, UNC turned nearly exclusively to the three ball to keep hope alive. Two possessions later, he drove the lane, absorbed a foul and tried to convert the three-point play.

"I would tell BMW that if you are building a factory in Mexico and plan to sell cars to the United States of America, without a 35% tax, then you can forget that", Trump told the newspaper Bild on 16 January.

As for trying to compel the Germans to buy more USA imports?

Moreover, German firms employ over 600,000 Americans in the USA, while BMW is the largest exporter of cars from the United States by value.

$22 billion: New and used cars are the top USA import from Germany. The plant will supply cars to global markets, according to BMW. The second-most popular import is pharmaceuticals, of which about $13.7 billion were imported.

A majority of BMW vehicles produced in SC are also shipped to markets outside the U.S. BMW says it exports 70% of its U.S. production, and the Department of Commerce estimates the annual value of those exports at almost $10 billion. In 2016, more than $6.6 billion worth of cars were exported to Germany.

Chad Bown, an expert on WTO trade disputes at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, has estimated that a U.S. defeat before the WTO could unleash trade retaliation by other countries worth $385 billion a year.

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