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Daylight savings time returns this weekend

Daylight savings time returns this weekend

All you need to know is that the time will move forward an hour at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 12.

For those folks, Rothenberg offered some tips for countering the effects of the time change: Don't sleep in on Sunday morning; don't nap Sunday afternoon; and don't fret, because worrying will just make it harder for you to sleep. If only we could save ourselves from the seasonal allergies. With the exception of the USA and some European countries, the rest of the world does not observe Daylight Saving Time. All I can remember is to spring forward and fall back and, oh yeah, that I'm exhausted every time it begins and ends. During the oil crisis of the mid-1970s, the United States extended daylight time from January 6 to October 27 in 1974 and from February 23 to October 26 in 1975.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 extended the length of Daylight Saving Time to eight months, from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. In 1966, Congress passed the time act unifying the practice across the USA but allowing states to opt out by local ordinance.

One goal is to keep the daylight hours coordinated with the time that most people are active, according to the NIST. Some studies claim the time switch saves energy on lighting but is surpassed by usage increases for heating and air-conditioning. But states could exempt themselves if they chose.

No sign of IS unconventional weapons use in Mosul
This has meant house to house fighting at a snail's pace, which is why the eastern Mosul offensive took some three months. An Iraqi commander said the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service raised Iraq's flag over buildings in the neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood Closer to Losing Federal Money
Trump does not want to be the bad guy who denies millions of patients access to life-saving reproductive healthcare. That is, around 88 percent of the women who use Planned Parenthood in a given year do not use it for abortions.

State fans bring tournament tradition to Brooklyn
N.C State: The Wolfpack looked like loose and energetic team at practice on Monday, coming into the tournament with nothing lose. Add in sub-100 losses to Colorado and San Diego State, and you have a team that's easily on the outside of the tournament field.

And finally, if anyone asks, it is daylight saving time, not daylight savings time.

A bill was drafted in 1909 to introduce "British Summer Time", but it took several years and much debate before the bill was signed into law. The exceptions to all this are Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

Other studies also found that while children get more exercise during daylight saving time, it can have negative health effects, as well. The two later drafted a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, which would require a federal waiver. Things have improved, and the last few years we haven't heard about any problems to the iOS clock taking place on Daylight Saving Time.

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