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Watch Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debate ObamaCare in 90 seconds

Watch Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debate ObamaCare in 90 seconds

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz will face off in a live debate about health care in America on CNN tonight.

In his opening remarks, Sanders acknowledged the Affordable Care Act isn't flawless, but said repealing it would have devastating consequences to millions of Americans. Regulation was also discussed, with Cruz stating that the government needed to get out of the healthcare game, and Sanders telling the audience that Obamacare was a step in the right direction, but wasn't going almost far enough.

"I think health care works better when you're in charge of your health care decisions", he said, "when you can sit down with your doctor and decide the best care for your family without the government setting the rules, without government rationing, without wait periods". Insofar as government intervention distorts pricing incentives, he's right.

"However Sanders defended Obamacare and said 'the overwhelming majority of the American people say, 'Do not simply repeal the ACA, make improvements". Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) agreed. Sanders concluded his opening statement by asserting that the United States has the only major national government that does not guarantee healthcare "as a right".

The issue here is that you can not feasibly require that insurance companies must cover everyone who needs healthcare while not also requiring all Americans - whether they want it or not - to buy into the healthcare system. "It is a direct contradiction of what you ran for president on". This is troublesome because of how frequently former President Obama stated that premiums would drop. First of all, Sanders advocated firmly for the expansion of Medicare while Cruz remained firmly against. "He's right. The function of insurance companies is not to provide quality health care to all people".

Both parties are also fighting over the Medicaid program, as this discussion is present in the very presentation of it.

While the debate was focused on the future of the ACA, neither of the senators actually want to keep the ACA, just for different reasons. Cruz favors immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which Republican leaders are struggling to pull off. He argued that if someone has a life-threatening disease, the government should not be keeping that person from using a life-saving drug. What Ted has said is he wants to get rid of all federal mandates-every word of Obamacare.

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Cruz argued that Americans can not afford Obamacare, citing the rising costs. America's is bad for poor people, who would go bankrupt if they paid American prices.

At the end of the night, Sanders said Congress cares more about industry and their own campaign contributions than representing Americans.

"One area Bernie and I talked about, we agree on, is allowing importation of drugs into this country from other countries where they are cheaper", Cruz said. Sanders called that "totally absurd". This country has more rationing than any other industrialized country on Earth, except the rationing is done by income. "What you just said is 'cancel your insurance.' Cancel your insurance, OK?"

Hunter then asked how she can afford health insurance coverage without raising prices or lowering wages. I have multiple sclerosis but could not afford insurance. "Under Ted's idea all of that is gone, you are on your own", Sanders said.

Obamacare isn't working because it was "built on an edifice of lies".

He added: 'It was government control that messed this all up.

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