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Trump says health care plan could come as early as March

Trump says health care plan could come as early as March

This latter factor means that Mitch McConnell would use all his leverage with Paul Ryan to avoid such a bill coming over from the House and showing up GOP senators as having something less than the courage of their alleged convictions. However, if Obamacare was repealed first, Democrats would have less incentive to block a replacement plan. Some Republicans want to go ahead with repeal of the ACA now and figure out whether and how they might replace it later. "We're getting there; we're getting closer".

As Politico reports, as many as 50 House Republicans are prepared to demand a vote on the "dry run" Obamacare repeal legislation Congress sent to Barack Obama for a certain veto early past year. He provided no details.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and other House leaders planned to discuss details of their plans with lawmakers Thursday and gauge their receptiveness. So economists from the University of Kansas were curious to see if couples who would've otherwise gotten divorced in the name of Medicaid stayed together under the new expansion.

Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee Vice Chair Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-Ky.) said one proposal, which awaits CBO scoring, is to freeze new enrollments in expansion states, then increase disproportionate share hospital payments to the states that did not expand the program. It would yank health insurance away from millions of poor people by essentially ending Medicaid and send costs skyrocketing for the middle- and working-class Americans that Donald Trump claims to represent, while reducing taxes for millionaires.

But one Republican said that what's going to be critical for consensus is the administration.

"So there's obviously unanswered questions and - no shocker here - we have differences of opinion even within our conference", Huizenga told reporters. That would be a nice lead in to the 2018 elections, giving them a ready made argument that the GOP is incapable of governing.

"House Republicans agree control should be returned back to states and Washington bureaucrats role in Medicaid reduced", the document says.

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Thursday's closed-door meeting came with Congress about to start a week-long recess. Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Senate HELP Committee, told Bloomberg News this week that his panel is not planning to re-pass the 2015 repeal bill. Lawmakers are eager to have something to show constituents.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who has been leading the briefings, said the discussions have provided the opportunity for rank-and-file members to voice their concerns and hear from the chairmen of committees tasked with marking up the legislation.

At Thursday's meeting, there was a PowerPoint presentation and members were supposed to get paper versions to bring home, but they weren't ready in time for the meeting.

Still, several House Republicans say they feel hopeful they might soon reach agreement. In Nebraska they appear to be the only insurance offered. "Let's give more freedom to the individual, more freedom to the states, and let's try to make insurance less expensive and help people to buy it by making it less expensive". At the same time, the plan would provide additional health insurance funding to the 19 other states - mostly controlled by Republicans-that refused to take part in the Medicaid expansion.

This has long led to fears that state exchanges will face "death spirals" in which insurers have to pay for the cost of care for the sickest people without benefiting from the premiums paid by healthier individuals who don't use almost as much medical care - driving premiums higher and increasing the incentive for people to not buy coverage until necessary.

Verma also said that states should be freer to redesign their Medicaid programs without needing the federal permission, in the form of "waivers", that the program has always required.

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