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'The Bachelor' Digs THREE Black Women! Who Knew?

'The Bachelor' Digs THREE Black Women! Who Knew?

Similarly to how Corinne was right about Taylor's stank face, she was also right about Taylor's spiritual connection to the swamp - though not how she ever would have thought. Maybe there could be a place for her in "Paradise". The gang is off to New Orleans, which - per the introductory B-roll - is a vibrant city of gators, trolleys, brass instruments, gators, colorful masks, and gators.

ABC takes a crack at horror film editing for this week's group date, which takes us to The Houmas House, a haunted plantation outside New Orleans.

With The Bachelor now airing, it's been hard for Nick Viall's fiancee to watch him on-screen with the other women. They strolled hand-in-hand and eventually made their way to a cafe. That night, Rachel and Nick dine in a warehouse full of Mardi Gras floats (creepy, yet romantic?). They chomped down on some beignets while they sipped coffee and powdered sugar was everywhere! Rachel gets the week's coveted one-on-one date. Most importantly though, her one-on-one date was a rip-roaring success. Are those three women really his top contenders? Still elated from her great hometown hang with Nick, Raven spontaneously proclaimed her love for the Bachelor, but was disappointed when he gave Danielle the rose. By night's end, she'd scored a rose. Nick Viall passes out roses to Whitney, Danielle, Jasmine, Rachel, Jaimi, Josephine, Vanessa, Alexis, Corinne, and Taylor.

From the moment the date started, the ladies were not happy to be paired together. Reportedly, they were playing Ouija board when the lights suddenly turned off.

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Will Nick ask Taylor to stay? .

Nick used the occasion to revive the ghosts of feelings from dates past, spending time smooching with both Danielle Lombard and Danielle Maltby. So that seemed a little distracting. She dropped the L-bomb! She joins Nick at the French Market, where they browse preserved alligator heads and try on eyeglasses. Nick looks like he's taking this very seriously. But then, it was game time, and Corinne and Taylor were pitted against each other for the final time. "The relationship will be filled with whipped cream and lies!"

And today Corinne Olympios captured even more attention when a series of sultry photos of the star taken before her Bachelor fame emerged. Corinne-who had a voodoo doll given to her by the tarot card reader-said Taylor is mean. And as it does, we see Taylor making her way back to Nick and Corinne and interrupts what was surely riveting conversation before another torturous "to be continued..." ending. "It really blows my mind that people take advice from you", Corinne said.

If you're unfamiliar with ABC's popular matchmaking show "The Bachelor", I'm kind of jealous. As six bachelorettes prepare for a fun-in-the-sun group date, it becomes apparent that the last two ladies must face-off in another two-on-one date.

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