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People for and against Planned Parenthood rally in Plattsburgh

People for and against Planned Parenthood rally in Plattsburgh

Much more than Main Street divided two lines of protesters south of the La Salle County courthouse Saturday.

Pro-choice protester Rebecca Bigsby proudly said she was for abortion and funding for Planned Parenthood should continue.

"They do a lot more than going through the incredibly taxing decision to have an abortion - the heartbreaking, taxing decision". Collins has said she supports a group of House Republicans led by Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) who are working to retain funding for Planned Parenthood. "I've found [Republicans] to be disrespectful to women's rights".

"We believe that it is morally wrong to fund the taking of an unborn life", said Kinard. But Planned Parenthood supporters, many of whom met their opponents on the same street, say there will be consequences IF the clinics are stripped of cash.

As anti-abortion groups rallied nationwide against Planned Parenthood on Saturday, Feb. 11, people came together in Staunton for a counter-protest.

Nationally hundreds of pro-life rallies were taking place.

Supporter Brittany Thompson pointed out that tax dollars don't pay for abortions except for in cases of incest, rape or when the woman's life is in danger.

Winter Storm Warning, Advisory in effect Thursday morning until 4 pm
Flight cancellations in the NY metro area and other northeastern states began Wednesday as the storm approached the region. Many people reported thunder snow across the state - which, while possible during heavy snowfall, is a rare occurrence.

Travel Ban Could Go to Supreme Court
The travel ban would prompt businesses to build operations outside the United States, said the companies. How and when a case might get to the Supreme Court is unclear.

Betsy DeVos' Crucial Senate Confirmation Vote
A number of protestors gathered outside Fisher's Omaha office this weekend, asking the senator to vote against DeVos' nomination. One critical reason why DeVos is up before Sessions is they need his vote as an Alabama senator in order to confirm her.

"We saw in the last election, we have a pro-life president now". On the other, those who say they choose life and want planned parenthood de-funded.

In Reno, Jessica and Jeff Eschen said they organized the protest in order to bring awareness to the community.

"We're here to protect Planned Parenthood, There are so many services that Planned Parenthood offers that need to be protected".

"Planned Parenthood should stop getting $500 million from the government when that money could be used in a better way, not abortion", Espinosa said.

A sea of pink flooded downtown Bloomington with signs held by both men and women sharing the same message. I don't think they're evil people.

While the protesters' stated objective was opposition to federal funding, many in attendance expressed their opposition to abortion.

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