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Partisanship of Cabinet confirmations is rising. But Trump's picks are still different

Partisanship of Cabinet confirmations is rising. But Trump's picks are still different

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is reportedly anxious about "five moderate Democrats representing states that President Trump won who are likely to face the most hard reelection fights next year".

Trump tweeted Tuesday evening that it is a "disgrace" that his "full Cabinet is still not in place" and that the delay is the longest "in the history of our country".

A majority of residents in blue-leaning Democratic New Jersey disapprove of Trump's frenetic, two-weeks on the job and fear that his policies will harm the state.

Half the Senate voted against Trump's choice to lead the Department of Education, bringing the total amount of "no" votes up to 111, according to The Washington Post.

"I think that the silver lining of Trump wining has been that my phone has not stopped ringing with folks saying, 'How can I get involved?" The result is that on both ends of the spectrum, and with conflicting intent, Israel's star is being hitched to Trump's ascendant wagon. When THEIR President chose a highly qualified, moderate Democrat to fill that very same vacancy, did the Democrats in the Senate fight for him? That's the one-word slogan progressives began using after Trump's election, but even establishment Democrats have begun to take it up. Democrats don't have the numbers to block everything coming down the pike indefinitely, but every day litigating these questions is a day that the Republican Congress isn't privatizing Medicare or repealing Obamacare or provoking a war with Iran.

To shift the Senate to a Democratic majority, Democratic candidates must win votes in red states, most of which were won by Trump. Lynch, who was nominated by President Obama to be attorney general in 2015, waited a whopping 161 days to be confirmed after her nomination by the former president.

And let's then overlay another remarkable bit of data: Fewer Democrats say they don't know who Stephen K. Bannon is than say they know who Charles E. Schumer is.

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Democrats have slow-walked many of Mr Trump's presidential nominations.

"What's happened on the Republican side, even hope the many of them have doubts about these nominees, they're afraid to break with Donald Trump", he continued.

"We're going to have long debates on Sessions, and we're going to have debates on [health and human services nominee Tom] Price". Democratic senators' switchboards lit up with demands that they stop voting for Trump's nominees. Maybe a constitutional amendment will be passed providing for some kind of no-confidence vote that would force an early election. (It's also a fairly small demographic group, so that probably accounts for some of the fluctuation as well.) Likewise, those with only a high school education now look at how Trump is doing more negatively. Part of the problem is Trump has not named most of those mid-level nominees; and part, as Trump complained Tuesday night, is Senate Democrats' "obstruction" of his Cabinet picks. "This unity makes clear just how bad this cabinet would be for America's middle class and those struggling to get there".

Many Democrats will read this and their answer will be, "But Republicans did it to President Obama!"

O'Connell said Trump's Cabinet nominees, assuming they're confirmed, have relatively little government experience. One example right on the horizon is the repeal of Dodd-Frank, a great white whale for the Wall Street types who have come pouring into the Trump administration - but not necessarily congenial to white, working-class voters in West Virginia or North Dakota.

If a Trump nominee had that sort of delay, he or she wouldn't assume office until well into June.

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