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Georgia's United States senators support education secretary confirmation in 51-50 vote

Georgia's United States senators support education secretary confirmation in 51-50 vote

"I am anxious that money and funding is going to be diverted to private or charter schools, which then takes away from the public school system", Sojewicz said. "It just seems as if she doesn't see the value in what so many fantastic teachers do across this country".

Today's vote to confirm Betsy DeVos, a nominee who was rushed through the process and confirmed only after Vice President Mike Pence's historical tie-breaking vote, is a huge setback to those goals.

At her Senate confirmation hearing, DeVos told members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee that she could not say how much money she and her kin have given to Republican candidates and soft money groups over the years.

"It can inspire people to get involved, to learn more, I think just by making any kind of statement in public allows people to see that real people care about this stuff and that maybe they should too", Eckhouse said.

The Senate deadlocked on the DeVos nomination with two Republicans joining all the Democrats to vote against her.

Murkowski and Collins announced their opposition to DeVos ahead of the vote on the grounds she is not qualified to be the education secretary. She added that she's unable to predict what implications this might have for Holy Name, which is accredited by the Kentucky Non-Public School Commission.

DeVos became the sixth cabinet appointment of President Trump to be confirmed.

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Hutchens said he is bothered by question marks surrounding DeVos, whose resume lacks what many feel is the requisite background for the job.

The Syracuse school board tonight took a stand on two issues that have arisen under the Trump administration.

These bridges were built by those who risked everything, who were beaten and bloodied, who sacrificed their lives so that we could have a better way of life. Her confirmation has sparked campus discussions about the future of public schools and higher education's role in shaping them.

Sessions was in the chamber and voted for DeVos earlier in the day. On average, we spend more than $10,615 per child for a year of public school.

Moore, like DeVos a MI native, said the incoming secretary of Education has "worked tirelessly" to destroy the state's schools.

America's education system is leaving many teachers uninspired in their classrooms and students unprepared for their futures. As a retired school social worker, I am particularly concerned about the special-education student. Reed said that parents should be empowered to make decisions on their children's education and education can not be "one size fits all". Barack Obama doubled charter school enrollment, and Cory Booker, who hopes to be president, is a fanatical advocate of private school vouchers. They also believe it could give teachers more flexibility and opportunities to create distinctive schools. "We need to collect data, we need to study that data and we need to come up with good solutions", Taylor says.

The trend of states starving out the funding for public education has also extended to higher education. They can appoint anyone as education secretary and that will never change.

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