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Riverdale: Will the CW Series Finally Resolve the Archie Love Triangle?

Riverdale: Will the CW Series Finally Resolve the Archie Love Triangle?

So many of these character names and details both stir and challenge my protective notions of Archie's former world, but the truth is, I left him back in the '70s, where he was celebrating the USA bicentennial and occasionally attending Christian youth-group meetings. Without Archie's current comic-book rebirth, "Riverdale" probably would take on a lighter tone much closer to "Jane the Virgin" - what many Archie fans would be expecting if the last time they'd read these characters was that time their parents picked them up an Archie Digest while paying for their groceries. I instantly wanted more.

And I swear to god Camila Mendes was actually a comic book character in another life.

However, they don't have much in common with their namesakes. I think people can relate to that, a lot of people went through the same thing in high school. Plus, like you said, everyone is Hollister store greeter hot, which is great. Part of why we reject the old-line Archie is that it's so nakedly aspirational, a vision of how we might like things to be: no problem that can't be solved with a few good pals, that sort of thing We have come to know, or like to believe we have, that things were never so simple, that a more complex world has always existed under the bright colours. Goldwater was from Hiawatha, Kansas and according to him, he took some inspiration from a former classmate when it came to developing the Archie characters. But they are multi-dimensional, something the CW does extremely well. Archie got hot! He's got abs now! There's a clear intelligence behind her eyes (which is true to the comics) but also a really endearing softness to her ways, which is change from the Betty in both the classic and modern Archie comics, who has more of a bite to her.

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Following Mary's passing on January 25, Dick publicly remembered her as "the best" actress he's ever met! I will miss her. She also made a point of her character wearing outfits on the show a couple of times , just as women do in real life.

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In 1994's "Archie Meets the Punisher", Marvel's foremost gun-toting vigilante tracks a suspect to Riverdale who is the spitting image of Archie Andrews himself. But new year, new Betty - and she's determined to finally tell Archie how she feels. To both her and Kevin's shock, Archie got chiseled over the summer. She even gets the slow-motion entrance that Jen got. The redhead turns her sights on him. She's no Blair Waldorf. Veronica introduces herself by saying that she's Breakfast at Tiffany's and Riverdale is In Cold Blood. "He's the only person she's ever emoted unconditional love to". "I'm Breakfast at Tiffany's but this place is strictly In Cold Blood", she tells Archie and Betty. "At the end of the day, we don't need men, or partners in general". While there are real towns in the world called Riverdale, don't let the gritty reboot fool you: this Riverdale most definitely isn't real, and neither are the goings-on within it. Egghead Dilton Doily is a creepy survivalist scout leader, jock Moose is wrestling with his sexuality, and Josie and the Pussycats are a Destiny's Child-like girl group who are gifted with an update of The Archies' 1969 addictive hit "Sugar, Sugar" in the second episode. The original Archie comics mythology is so indelible that a reinvention like this - Archie and Miss Grundy making out in a auto!

"Jughead" and "Betty and Veronica" series have followed.

Betty (Lili Reinhart) is supposed to perform the all-American sweetheart and she is, quite literally, the girl next door. I'm still mooning over Archie and Betty - how her pretty pink dress shines in the moonlight, and the way he wears his guilt like a delicate mask ready to break.

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