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House Democrats Will Not Help Republicans Replace Obamacare

House Democrats Will Not Help Republicans Replace Obamacare

"And rather than offer ideas, what we got was a big no".

The American people want Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare, according to a new survey of likely voters conducted by the American Action Network.

"I think the vast majority of people believe we're better off doing both at one time".

"It's irresponsible to repeal without a replacement", said Elliott, whose group is working with Protect My Care Tennessee and plans to meet Wednesday with representatives of the state's two USA senators, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander. Bob Corker, said the delay was to ensure a replacement can be found to ensure that the more than 23 million people who have gained access to health insurance through the ACA do not see a disruption in their coverage. Consumers who sign up by Sunday can get coverage starting February 1, and those who enroll after January 15 but by January 31 can get coverage beginning in March. "It is a death sentence for some significant percentage of those people", King said during his Senate speech. Phase in desirable changes, a little at a time. The administration said Tuesday that 11.5 million enrolled nationwide through December 24, ahead of last year's pace.

The Republican alternative to "Obamacare", meanwhile, is already seven years in the making - they started working on this in June 2009 - and almost everyone involved believes it's still at least two years away from completion.

"And that's a direct result of the Affordable Care Act", Lorigo said.

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"We all understand that things sometimes do take some time", said Priebus, who chairs the Republican National Committee. It will not bring down insurance premiums or make health care more affordable. Many worry that not as many people will be eligible for Medicaid if Congress overhauls Obamacare. He says only about a third of the jobs lost will be in the health care sector, and that sectors like construction, real estate, finance and retail could also be affected.

"Well, it really depends what - what the piece of legislation is", Conway said on CNN's "State of the Union" when asked about a repeal date.

Still, many criticize the law in IL and across the country. It doesn't matter if not a single voice on the left had ever said an ill word about the flawed healthcare system, Republicans have been waiting to sink their teeth into the program for the last eight years - now is simply their chance.

"They should have put a little more work into it". And Republicans have yet to release a replacement plan.

"Obamacare is failing and failing quickly", Ryan said. "What we want is to go back and fundamentally reform and fix health care as it should have been addressed eight years ago".

Republican leaders keep saying that America demands a quick repeal.

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