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Hofstra medical students rally for Affordable Care Act

Hofstra medical students rally for Affordable Care Act

Even though President Trump signed an executive order instructing his administration to start facilitating Obamacare's repeal, she said, the law is still in place. When combined with the fact that Mesa County has 17 percent or more of its residents living below the poverty level, there is an apparent issue for health care providers.When asked what Community Hospital would like to see in a replacement, Thomas said, "I would like to see something that actually addresses to the cost of health care, and more opportunities to reward low-priced and high-quality providers". It's possible the DOJ might use the executive order as "cover" should it stop participating in the cases, but it doesn't need to, he said. He said pre-existing conditions would have made a policy too expensive.

But he knows, as do most Congress watchers, that if he and/or the White House came out with a detailed plan at this point in time, such a plan might fail in the end. "And even if Republicans decide to cancel the Affordable Care Act, if one person's (coverage) could actually be saved by some small effort that we could make, we wanted to do it". More than half get insurance through our employers (although that's down from two-thirds in 2002), and most people older than 65 get their insurance through Medicare.

As he picked apart what was wrong with the Affordable Care Act and didn't emphasize what it had accomplished, he also failed to outline exactly what the replacement for the law would be if it were to be repealed.

"The main reason why people want to think about having insurance is for catastrophic situations that occur", he said.

Procrastinators have until Tuesday, January 31 at 11:59 p.m. to enroll in a 2017 health plan in the individual marketplace.

The Obama administration in October projected some 13.8 million people would sign up for plans during open enrollment, which began November 1. He says for those who don't sign up by Tuesday, they won't be able to obtain coverage until next year. HHS officials doubled down after Trump's victory, hoping that larger enrollment figures would make it harder for Republicans to repeal the landmark health reform law. "With more people insured, the cost of providing care that was previously not paid for [uncompensated care] falls".

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What Trump's Obamacare Order Means For You
This three-pronged approach stands in contrast to that outlined by Trump who has urged a replacement "very quickly" after repeal. But the bill could be a hard sell for staunch conservatives because it wouldn't fully repeal the controversial 2010 law.

Republicans last week met for a retreat in Philadelphia, and a tape leaked to news outlets showed members unsure how replace the act without clear direction from Trump, who has said no one will lose coverage or pay more.

Then there's Medicaid, covering 72.5 million Americans (including the Children's Health Insurance Program).

Consumers who have been on the fence about signing up should consider enrolling before the deadline expires, experts said.

"I never would have gotten diagnosed or treated if it weren't for the Affordable Care Act, so it really did save my life", Orr said. According to a survey from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, only 35 percent of Americans say they support the measure, which levies a fine on people who lack health insurance. The percentage of household income is 2.5 percent.

"The Trump administration's outrageous decision ... to sabotage open enrollment will mean coverage could cost more next year and insurers could drop out of the marketplace", said Kevin Counihan, former CEO of Healthcare.gov.

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