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Study questions value of mammograms, breast cancer screening

Study questions value of mammograms, breast cancer screening

A painless, hard mass that has irregular edges is more likely to be cancerous, but breast cancers can be tender, soft, or rounded.

And looking only at cancer deaths, lung cancer kills more women in the USA than breast cancer. At this point, thermography can only detect breast cancers when they are larger and more advanced.

Breast cancer affects one in nine Irish women, with around 2,800 new cases diagnosed every year.

Doctors say mammograms are still the best first line of defense and women 40 and older should have one annually.

These numbers are surprising, especially when the ACS reports that death rates from breast cancer have been falling since 1989.

For information on where you can go to get a mammogram or clinical breast exam, head to you area health department or go online to the Purchase District Health Department. And that may include audio or video for smartphones, since so many women get info that way today.

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So, what is a mammogram? Normal breast tissue has a predictable heat pattern and any abnormality would disrupt that pattern. The goal of performing mammograms is to catch a cancer before it's large enough to be palpated, and, it is hoped, before it has a chance to spread. While screenings and treatment have come a long way, some cancers are too aggressive or found too late.

"I'd just like to let them know that all cancer is not a death sentence, early detection is the cure", said Jenkins.

Feel as much at home as possible with a spa-like atmosphere, private changing rooms with robes to wear, and a breast boutique for any post-surgery needs, like prosthetics.

If you notice something different about your breasts at any age, get it checked out.

These call-backs lead to added time and anxiety for women. Heart disease is actually far deadlier for women. Would you offer help or accept help if it were you? Jasper County has a resource that assists women who are uninsured to pay for mammogram.

Woman who are candidates can also opt to have the one and done procedure where doctors remove the cancer and put in the permanent implants in a single surgery.

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