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Cruz jumps ahead of Trump in Iowa

"Both Senators Cruz and Rubio are vying hard to be the Republican alternative to Trump, but there are seventeen percent undecided still, which keeps the door open for one of the single-digit candidates to a make a splash in Iowa or New Hampshire and shake the race up further", Suffolk poll director David Paleologos said in a statement Tuesday.

Trump still has some time to make up his mind - but not that much time. As the son of immigrants, I'm offended by Trump's xenophobia, and as a former Homeland Security official, I question the wisdom behind Carson's support for torture. Bernie Sanders 56% to 29% while running up wider margins among key voting groups like women (62% to 19%), Southern Democratic primary voters (60% to 20%) and non-white voters (66% to 20%). Likewise, Ben Carson has sunk to 5 percent. The poll was conducted online, but using recognized scientific polling methodology.

When asked about their level of enthusiasm should a Republican or Democrat win, Independent voters showed more concern about Trump (67 percent) than with Clinton (59 percent). But he has proved skilled at moving the spotlight back to himself, quickly rebounding in the polls to about 30 percent or so in Republican trial heats.

A demagogue in the tradition of Father Coughlin, Joseph McCarthy, Pat Buchanan and Gov. George Wallace, Trump is the party's premier purveyor of fear and hatred; the lower he stoops, the higher his poll numbers.

Regional conference backs resumption of Afghan peace talks
Ten days and three meetings - that's all it took Pakistan and India to break a years-old deadlock in their strained relations. In August a year ago , India called off Foreign Secretary-level talks over the same issue.

'Welcome To Canada': First Syrian Refugees Begin To Arrive
A third centre was opened this week in Turkey, and is also expected to process hundreds of people a day. About 800 refugees are going through screening tests in Lebanon and Jordan daily, Mr McCallum said.

1 after another, Chicago police videos made public
But these suggestions should be sent To avoid distracting other readers, we won't publish comments that suggest a correction. Emanuel will deliver an address Wednesday morning about the police department to a special City Council session.

That said, there is an nearly even divide among those who have an unfavorable opinion of both Trump and Clinton: 45% say they dislike Clinton more; 42% dislike Trump more.

Sixty-one percent of poll respondents said they are frustrated with the federal government; while 35% said they are angry and only 3% basically content. Of the Trump supporters, 52% were frustrated and 47% angry. Yet despite this expressed desire, young people decidedly do not want to become career politicians. Of those polled, 402 were likely Republican voters, and 369 were likely Democratic voters.

A detailed review of old interviews over the last decade - which you can see below - shows Trump has at other moments donned an anti-racist mantle, however. Support for her prospective Republican opponents ranges from 44% for Trump to 48% for Rubio. Tim Scott have glowing approval ratings: 81% and 76% respectively. As candidates eyeing the party's more moderate voters, they are not tailoring their messages to Trump's supporters.

But among Republicans, only 16 percent find him insulting; 37 percent believe he's raising important issues despite his language; and 40 percent say he's telling it like it is. Only 7% or 8% of voters describe themselves as undecided. A couple of weeks ago, after Trump said he would consider forcing Muslims in the United States to register in a database, the conservative military historian Max Boot tweeted: "Trump is a fascist". He also got just 2 percent support in the Winthrop poll.

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